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Chapter 22: The Whole Existence Is with You

There is nothing esoteric in it, but it belongs to the science of the inner journey - it is not part of the objective science. So to those who are addicted with the objective science it may look esoteric, but to those who are not addicted to the objective.and remember that the object cannot exist alone without your subjectivity; your subject, your consciousness, is the polarity.

It is strange that logical scientists go on denying that there is anything inner in man. They accept the outer and they deny the inner; they accept the things in their house and they deny themselves. It is simply ludicrous, but it cannot go on for long. More and more intelligent people are searching inwards because the outer search has led to death - to the ultimate death.

The inner search will lead you to deeper layers of life and finally to the eternal life in the same way as the outer search leads you to death, because objects are dead. Studying dead objects, and denying the living subject who is studying them.Do you think one object can study another object? - that is impossible. Do you think one stone can observe another stone? Can it do research about the other stone?

To inquire into the objective world, you need an inner consciousness, a subjectivity. That subjectivity is your consciousness. And objective science has come to nuclear weapons, ready to destroy the whole of life on the earth and turn it into pure objectivity without any subject. Just the opposite happens when you reach to your innermost being: everything becomes alive, conscious. The whole existence becomes a dancing, singing, rejoicing universe, and your vision has no limits; you can see things which are not possible with objective eyes.

I had to state this just to emphasize the fact that to destroy life on the earth is going to be the greatest loss to existence, because nowhere else has it evolved to the point where a Zorba can become a Buddha. Nowhere else has it blossomed into the ultimate potential, transforming it into an actuality.

Galileo proved that this small earth moves around the sun. It may be a factual thing, but I say unto you that the whole universe, not only the sun but the millions of other suns which you see as stars in the night, and millions of solar systems are all really moving around the earth - not factually, but in a symbolic sense because this is the only sacred place where life exists, where consciousness exists, and where a few people have been capable of achieving the ultimate expression of being, enlightenment.

Somehow I can’t believe my laughter, if it’s true, but I always believe in my tears. Please comment.

Everybody does it; mankind has been accustomed to misery. Misery is taken for granted; it is thought to be natural. Not to be miserable is dangerous in this vast crowd of miserable people simply because they cannot believe that someone is not miserable - something must be wrong with him.

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