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Chapter 19: Meditation: The Science of Awareness

The sun said, “What are you talking about? I have never met anything called darkness.” And God looked around, where had the darkness gone? It had disappeared. The sun said, “Whenever you can manage to bring darkness in front of me, I am ready to apologize or whatsoever you say. But I don’t know.perhaps without knowing, in unawareness I may have hurt him. But at least let me see the person - the person who is complaining against me.”

The story says that the file of the case against the sun by darkness is still lying there. God has not been able to bring both sides together in front of him. Sometimes he succeeds and darkness comes; sometimes he succeeds and the sun comes; but he has not been able to bring both together, and unless both are present the case cannot be decided.

How can darkness come to face the sun? - because darkness has no existence, it is just absence of light. So where the presence of light is, the absence cannot exist, cannot stand. And that is what pseudo-religion has been doing: creating fictions, exploiting people - their imagination, their fear, their greed, their misery, their suffering, their poverty, everything. But the moment science started discovering things every religion became very alert, and ready to stop science in every possible way, because if truth is revealed, the untruth dies by itself; there is no need to kill it. It simply disappears.

Hence I say to you that now is the time for the first religion to happen.

For three hundred years the pseudo-religions have been fighting against science. Now they are tired, fed up, and know perfectly well that science is going to win; it has already won.

So the old religions have lost their ground. You have to understand it. What you see in the churches and in the synagogues and in the mosques and in the temples, is the dead body of the religion that once was alive. It is only a corpse. But they are pretending that it is alive, hoping against hope that some miracle is going to happen. But no miracle ever happens. And no miracle is going to happen. Science has taken firm roots.

Now, if you want anything in the world to be called religion, then you have to start from abc, from the very scratch: a religion which is a science, and not a fiction.

Just as science discovers in the objective world, outside, religion discovers in the inner world.

What science is to objective existence, religion is to subjectivity.

Their methods are exactly the same. Science calls it observation, religion calls it awareness. Science calls it experiment, religion calls it experience. Science wants you to go into the experiment without any prejudice in your mind, without any belief. You have to be open, available. You are not going to impose anything on reality. You are just going to be available to the reality whatsoever it is, even if it goes against all your ideas. You have to drop those ideas - but the reality cannot be denied.

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