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Chapter 27: This Time It Can Be One Earth

If we look into the past of the East there is every evidence that they might have invented something like airplanes. There is so much evidence that it cannot be simply overlooked.

As far as richness is concerned, India was known all over the world as a golden bird. Columbus, who stumbled on and discovered America, was not trying to discover America, remember. He had started his journey to go to India. There were connections between the West and India. Columbus was trying to reach India by a new route because of the scientific discovery of the fact that the earth is a globe.

Columbus thought, “If it is a globe then even if you move in the opposite direction, sooner or later you will reach India. And if you go on moving, finally you will come back to your home, because the earth is round.”

And when he saw, for the first time, American soil, he thought it was India; he thought he had reached India. That’s why those poor people of America are still called “Red Indians.” They don’t like it, they have never called themselves Red Indians. They are not Indians. It is Columbus’ mistake that they are still carrying. Columbus thought that he had arrived in India from the long route, proving the theory that the earth is round. Everybody who had any adventurous spirit was headed towards India because all kinds of riches were there, easily available.

We have enough evidence that at the time of Mahabharata - which happened three thousand years before Jesus Christ - something like nuclear weapons were used. So it is not that science had not developed - but it was prevented; its direction was changed.

Seeing its destructiveness, seeing that it is against ecology, seeing that sooner of later it would destroy humanity itself.all scientific movement was directed into other dimensions. For example, yoga, Tantra, ayurveda - these are all scientific methods, but not against nature, not against man; they are creative. And of course people were so rich and the soil was so rich and fertile, and the population was so small, and the land was so vast..

You will be surprised to know that even my maternal grandfather received land free from the government because the land was so available and the people so few. It was difficult to find a market for land. Just my maternal grandfather.it was not very long ago, at the most a hundred years. Just a hundred years ago fifteen acres of land were given by the government free of charge. That was the way.

In India even in my early childhood, milk was freely available. To think of selling milk was inhuman, ugly, for the simple reason that there was so much milk in the country. Who was going to purchase it? And secondly, to sell milk looks bad because milk is nourishment, and if somebody is in need of nourishment and you are doing business, you are trying to exploit his hunger, his thirst. Food was not sold. If you asked for food you were invited to be a guest. And this was in my childhood, just fifty years ago.

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