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Chapter 3: Don’t Spit on the Ceiling!

Lao Tzu says, “Except me, everybody seems to have a clear understanding of life. Except me,” he says, “everybody seems to have a very clear understanding of life. I am muddy-headed.”

He is stating a fact of tremendous import. He is saying, “I am a mystic. I don’t want clarity - what am I going to do with clarity? I don’t want logical explanations. I want to love this mystery that life is. I want to dance with the trees and bloom with the flowers and sing with the birds.”

That is a totally different way. The mystery is not dissolved but lived, not solved - no effort even to solve it, but every effort to participate in it.

Being here with me means dropping the ways of logic and learning the ways of love, dropping the ways of explanations and learning the ways of experiencings. And that’s what is happening to you. Don’t be worried: feel blessed.

You say: “Everything seems so unreal, like a dream.”

Because you have a certain idea of reality. Reality has to be tangible, and the beauty is not tangible. If I say, “Look - the rose is so beautiful!” you can immediately ask me, “Where is beauty? Can I touch it? Can I hold it in my hand? Can it he measured? Can it be chemically analyzed?” And I will have to answer each time with a no.

Then you can simply say, “Then it doesn’t exist. It is your imagination; you are dreaming. The rose has no beauty - you have projected a dream on it.”

If you say, “I have fallen in love,” somebody can ask you, “Where is love? What IS love? Is there any scientific proof for it? Can you logically explain it?” You will have to shrug your shoulders. And the person can say, “If it cannot be proved logically, scientifically, then it is not. You are living in an illusion; it is all dream stuff.”

But if you go on this way, what will be left finally? Just a materialist chaos - matter with no meaning, matter with no destiny, great speed but no destination. Then life will be just an accident, a chance phenomenon. There will be no dignity in life. The dignity comes from those mysterious realms which you are calling unreal.

You will have to change your definition of reality. They are far more real. The higher is far more real than the lower - although the higher becomes more and more invisible than the lower. The mud is more explainable than the lotus; the lotus has something of the quality of a dream. The mud is mud; there is no question of beauty and there is no question of poetry, any love affair with it. There is no question which cannot be answered about the mud; the mud is utterly real. That’s what you call reality - the lowest.

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