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Chapter 1: Truth, Beauty, Godliness

The scientist remains always an outsider: speculating, dissecting, analyzing, but he is not part of what he is doing. He is just a neutral objective observer. The mystic is not an observer. The mystic joins the dance. He dances with the trees, he dances in the rain, he dances with the peacocks. He sings songs with the birds. He slowly, slowly merges and melts into existence. He does not demystify it; he makes it more mysterious. He glorifies it, he gives it its splendor, its majesty. He makes it the most profound orgasmic experience.

The mystic is a lover not a knower. His path is of love not of knowledge. Love is his God, not logic. Through his love he has come to realize three things: satyam shivam sundaram - the truth, the godliness of existence and the tremendous beauty, the unbelievable poetry, the song of the silence, the music without sounds.

Only the mystic knows without any knowledge.

The scientist has knowledge but knows nothing. A man of the caliber of Albert Einstein said to his friends before dying, “If there is another life, I would not like to be a scientist or a physicist again. This has been a sheer wastage. I have known so much, but I know nothing about myself. What is the use of all this knowledge? My inner world remains dark and I have been watching faraway stars and the galaxies and the nebulas and I have not looked at myself.”

Only a man of tremendous intelligence can see the point: Albert Einstein was not dying with contentment, with joy, but with a deep frustration and disappointment. The world may think that he was one of the greatest, most successful men - perhaps the greatest scientist that has ever walked on the earth. But ask him.. He has missed all that is beautiful, he has missed all that is divine, he has missed all that makes life a rejoicing.

The mystic’s concern is to create a song in your heart and a dance to your feet and a joy that never fades in your very being.

Remember these three words. They are the most beautiful words ever uttered by anyone, and they reveal the very essence of the ultimate reality: satyam shivam sundaram.

The second question:

I was reading an article about women being fed up and the responsibility is from men. Is it true?

It is true.but only half true. Man is also fed up, and the responsibility is of the women. In fact we are all in the same boat. Man or woman, all are fed up because our way of life is utterly wrong. Neither are men responsible for women’s boredom nor are women responsible for men’s frustration.

You will have to go deep into the psychology of frustration. The first thing to remember is that you are frustrated, you are fed up, you are bored only if you were expecting otherwise. If you were not expecting anything..

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