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Chapter 10: All Going Is Going Astray

Have you not dreamed dreams like this? In a dream you are being killed, and in that moment when you are being murdered, can you doubt it? It is so real. You shriek, you scream, and because of the shriek and the scream you become alert, you become aware. The dream is broken. Even after the dream your heart is beating louder, your breath is not in rhythm, your hands are shaking. You know now it was a dream, a nightmare, you are sitting in your bed and there is nobody, just your poor wife sleeping by your side - no murderer - the doors are closed, everything is silent, there has been nobody in the room, nobody was murdering you; but still you are trembling. The fear has been so deeply there, the idea of murder has penetrated so deeply in you, that even when you are awake, a little smoke of it continues to be there. But now you know you have never been out of the room and nobody is trying to murder you, there is nobody.

This is what I say to you. You are still in the garden of Eden. God has not expelled you. You have fallen asleep.

And the work of the master is to bring you back. Back, not from anywhere, but only from sleep. Back to awareness.

The second question:

Why do you talk only to your disciples? Why not to the masses?

There is a beautiful Zen saying. Let that be the answer.

“I sing my songs to him who understands them. I drink my wine with the friend who knows me well.”

The third question:

It all sounds so great, as perfect as can be articulated. But what the hell do you do in the meantime?

You have missed. You have not understood what has been said to you. You have not heard. Again the greed has become a barrier. Listening to me you are listening through the greed.

When you listen to me, if I am talking about enlightenment and the joy of it, you become greedy. You start thinking, “When am I going to become enlightened?” So you say it is great - it all sounds great, “as perfect as can be articulated.” Now, this greed creates a problem. You put whatsoever I am saying as a goal. Of course, the goal is far away. There is a distance between you and the goal, and the distance has to be traveled, so the second question arises: “What the hell do you do in the meantime?”

But there is no meantime. I am not talking about the goal; I am talking about the way. And I am not saying anything about the future or afterlife; I am saying something about this moment, this very moment! This is it! You think in terms of tomorrow. I am talking about today.

Jesus says to his disciples, “Look in the field. Look at the beautiful lilies. They don’t think of the morrow, they toil not, they labor not. Look at these beautiful flowers. They are just herenow. Even Solomon attired in all his costly clothes was not so beautiful. Look at these lilies in the field.”

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