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Chapter 15: The Three Rings of Love

“The moment I see her, my mind starts getting confused about which answer to give, because she is going to find out. I said one day that I had been playing cards with a friend. She immediately phoned the friend and he said, ‘I have not seen your husband for months.’ I never thought that she would do this! One day she found a hair, a long hair - and that was enough!”

The shrink suggested to him, “Shave your hair completely, and before you go into the house, take care that there are no hairs on your coat, on your shirt.”

He said, “My God! I have to shave my head?”

The shrink said, “Even your own hair may create trouble - and you have long hair.”

He said, “First I will try to clean my clothes. First I should go to the cleaners to be certain that there are no hairs.”

And he reached home and the wife looked at him, searched about for some clue.not even a single hair around? She started crying, “This is the end of our relationship. You have started moving with bald women. There is a limit! There is not even a hair on your coat. Where have you been?”

Husbands and wives are continuously fighting, fighting unnecessarily and destroying their lives miserably. To be a husband or to be a wife is such a misery that looking around the world one cannot imagine that man is a rational being as defined by Aristotle. If he was rational, at least marriage would have been dropped long ago. But Aristotle himself married two women and they used to beat him. And he is the father of Western logic.!

Just a few days ago there was a survey in America showing that women have started to confess for the first time that their husbands beat them. Previously it was thought that it is an ugly tradition of the poor countries of the East where women are beaten by their husbands.

In countries like India it is prescribed in the scriptures that if you want to live in peace, once in a while, a good beating of your wife is an absolute necessity. But nobody has ever thought that the same is the situation in Europe, in America. The only difference is that in the East it has been a very long tradition, and even religious scriptures give it sanction.

In the West people used to think that husbands didn’t beat their wives, but the reality is surfacing. Because of the women’s liberation movement, women are confessing that they are being beaten by their husbands. They have not told it to anybody because of the prestige of the family, but the truth is that it is not only women who are beaten by men, men are also being beaten by women, although there is no scripture that says that every wife should beat the husband once in a while just to bring him to his senses.

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