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Chapter 7: Life Is Not a Dictionary

People have been deceiving just by changing names.. All the Hindu scriptures call them sudras - untouchables - but suddenly they have become ‘beloved of God’ - ‘harijans’. And if they are beloved of God, who are all these other bastards - five billion - in the world? And only the God’s beloveds are not allowed to enter in the temples, and everybody else is allowed?

Religion and politics together have been the greatest calamity of humanity. Not a single politician has spoken against the Shankaracharya’s statements because they are afraid that if harijans separate from the Hindus - although for thousands of years Hindus have kept them separate.. There is no need to be separate - they are separate. The politician is worried, not about the temple, not about the scriptures; his worry is harijans have one fourth of the Hindu votes. If they go out of the Hindu fold, these politicians will be out of power.

They are completely silent on such an important issue, and rather than arresting the priests who were preventing harijans from entering Nath Dwara, the harijans have been arrested. And still these politicians and priests want harijans to remain part of Hindu society.

There is a limit to everything. This is too much - too inhuman! They cannot read your scriptures. They cannot touch you - not even their shadow can touch you. They cannot remain in the city; they have to live outside the city. They cannot enter into any temple. On what grounds are they Hindus?

And this fellow, Sharma, is blaming me - that I am trying to create a separation. I am not creating a separation, Sharma; it is you and your forefathers who have kept the harijans separate. I am trying to bring them into the temples. And if you want them to be part of your politics, then forget your scriptures and let them into the temples.

Even a man like Mahatma Gandhi lied, even though he had written an autobiography entitled My Experiments With The Truth. Obviously he did not know truth; he was still experimenting.. And meanwhile he was using so many lies. He had promised that the first president of India after the British left was going to be a harijan - and not only a harijan, but a harijan woman. And as the British Empire disappeared, the man who became the president was neither a harijan nor a woman. The man who became the prime minister.. Again the whole power went into the hands of those same exploiters who had been oppressing this country for centuries. From the British, it moved into the hands of the old exploiters - but India remains under slavery.

Because I am telling the truth, it hurts.

Mahatma Gandhi used to pray every evening and morning, “God is one. You can call him Ram, you can call him Allah” - just to keep the Hindus and Mohammedans together for political reasons. But he never mentioned the Koran; he always mentioned the Gita and called the Gita his mother. Although he is dead.but I want it to be on record that then the Koran must be his father.

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