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Chapter 12: The Dewdrop and the Ocean

But without forming some concept about truth we just cannot even think about it.

I am not asking you to think at all. Thinking never goes beyond what you already know. And if you don’t know truth how can you possibly think about it? Thinking always stays within the boundaries of your experience. Thinking is just chewing over your knowledgeability. Thinking is never creative, it is merely repetitive. What is unknown cannot be known by thinking. If you want to know the unknown you must get out of what you know. To enter the unknown you have to leave the shores of the known.

It is therefore better not to form any concept of truth at all. That concept will be totally untrue - lifeless, not a living meaning. That concept may receive respect from the traditions, may become revered by thousands, may be supported by scriptures, but for you it will have no value at all. For the seeker of truth, it is not only valueless but false.

It is one thing to see the fragmented sky of truth through the confinement of the window frame of that concept, and quite another to come out from all confinements and window frames and look at the whole expanse of the sky.

The sky is not confined by anything. Nor is the truth confined by anything. All confinements are man-made; all concepts are man-made. All words given to it are by man. Truth is that which is not man-made. If you want to know the truth, step out of your confinements and frames. Step out of all words, and thoughts and knowledgeability. Let go of the known so that the unknown can enter in. And leave behind all man-created concepts so that you can experience that which is uncreated - the basis of all creation itself.

How can we possibly know truth without the help of the scriptures? Isn’t it only through them that we can know truth?

Do you mean to say that if all the scriptures were destroyed the truth would be destroyed? Is truth dependent on the scriptures or are the scriptures dependent on truth? My friend, the truth has never been attained by means of the scriptures. On the contrary, the scriptures were obtained, were revealed after the truth had been realized. It is not the scriptures that are of value, it is the truth which is of value. The fundamental thing is the truth, not the scriptures. And if truth could be attained through the scriptures it would be a very cheap thing indeed. You could attain it without making any change in yourself.

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