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Chapter 9: There Is No Help Possible

And for the new that is being born you don’t as yet have any language; for the new that is being born you don’t as yet have any concept. The new that is being born is invisible, cannot be touched, cannot be heard, cannot be smelled cannot be tasted. It is beyond senses. You have never before known the new that is happening so how will you recognize it? The new will not be recognized and the old will be disappearing so you will feel yourself going mad, falling apart, dying. Death will be your experience or madness will be your experience. You will think that this is a curse that has happened to you. The blessing will look like a curse because you cannot yet see it as a blessing, your eyes are not trained or it. You can only see the curse, you can only see the negative part of it. This is what Christian mystics call “the dark night of the soul” - the light is so blinding it almost looks like darkness.

Have you not looked directly into the sun sometimes? Within seconds you will go blind, you will not be able to see. It will be so dazzling. It is not dark but the light is too much for you and your eyes are not able to take it in, they cannot absorb it. And, after looking at the sun for a few seconds, if you look around everywhere, you will find a tremendous darkness. If you look long enough at the sun you will go blind.

Why is light blinding? Why? Because we have certain capacities. Only in tiny capacities can we allow the light to enter in - and we can recognize only that much. Beyond that we lose recognition. That’s how it happens that when you first enter into the world of no-mind it looks like madness - the dark night of the soul, the mad night of the soul.

All the religions have noted the fact, hence all the religions insist on finding a master before you start entering into the world of the no-mind - because he will be there to help you, to support you. You will be falling apart but he will be there to encourage you, to give you hope. He will be there to interpret the new to you. That is the meaning of a master: to interpret that which cannot be interpreted, to indicate that which cannot be said, to show that which is inexpressible. He will be there, he will devise methods and ways for you to continue on the path - otherwise you might start escaping from it.

And remember, there is no escape. If you start escaping you will simply go berserk. Sufis call such people the mastas. In India they are known as mad paramahansas. You cannot go back because it is no longer there, and you cannot go ahead because it is all dark. You are stuck. That’s why Buddha says, “Fortunate is the man who has found a master.”

I myself was not as fortunate as you are; I was working without a master. I searched and I could not find one. It was not that I had not searched, I had searched long enough, but I could not find one. It is very rare to find a master, rare to find a being who has become a non-being, rare to find a presence who is almost an absence, rare to find a man who is simply a door to the divine, an open door to the divine which will not hinder you, through which you can pass. It is very difficult.

The Sikhs call their temple the gurudwara, the door of the master. That is exactly what the master is - the door. Jesus says again and again, “I am the gate, I am the way, I am the truth. Come follow me, pass through me. And unless you pass through me you will not be able to reach.”

Yes, sometimes it happens that a person has to work without a master. If the master is not available then one has to work without a master, but then the journey is very hazardous.

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