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Chapter 7: It Is Time Now!

The rustic did as he was told. Nidagha got on his shoulders and said, “Know it now. I am above as the king and you are below as the elephant. Is that clear enough?”

“No, not yet,” was the rustic’s quiet reply. “You say you are above like the king and I am below like the elephant. The king, the elephant, above and below - so far, it is clear. But pray tell me, what do you mean by ‘I’ and ‘you’?”

When Nidagha was thus confronted all of a sudden with the mighty problem of defining the “you” apart from the “I,” light dawned on his mind. At once he jumped down and fell at his master’s feet saying, “Who else but my venerable master, Ribhu, could have thus drawn my mind from the superficialities of physical existence to the true being of the self? Oh, benign master, I crave thy blessings.”

If you look at yourself, at your knowledge, at all that you think you know - if you observe it, you will be surprised that you know only words. I, thou, above, below, king, elephant - just words. You don’t know who is behind the words.

Who is this person you go on calling “I”? You have lived with this person, you are this person, but do you know who you are? Do you know the woman you love or the man you love, who is “the other”? You must be fast asleep; you have not even known who you are.

And you start searching for God and you start searching for the totality, for the whole, and you do not even know this small tiny reality of your being.

Kabir says: Only awareness will help. You will have to become more aware. You will have to light a small candle of consciousness in your heart - that light will help. You will have to become more silent, you will have to drop the noises in your head; that continuous procession of thinking will have to be stopped. And once that procession is no more there and your heart is alert, aware, conscious, you will be surprised: God has always been there. You have been meeting God every moment of your life - you have been breathing him, he has been beating in your heart, he has been pulsating in your energy. He has been your love and he has been your anger, and he has been your birth and he will be your death. God is simply the name of the totality that life consists of.

God is not separate and far away, he is very close by - just by the corner. And you go on rushing for him, you go on searching for him. Your eyes have become fixed on the distant, on the faraway. That’s why you go on missing him.

The sutras:

I know the sound of the ecstatic flute,
but I don’t know whose flute it is.

Koun murali-shabd sun anand bhayo.

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