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Chapter 35: Discontinuity

And the priest himself I have met. He is a well-educated person, he has a doctorate in literature. I told him, “At least it is your responsibility, being an intelligent person, educated, not to lead people into false securities. People are giving their whole life’s money to have a secure place in the other world, but they have not lived here.”

He could not deny it to me: “This is not good - but I am just a representative of a long heritage. My father was a priest, my grandfather was a priest. It is our family profession.”

I said, “It may be your family profession, but it is more of a crime than a profession. You are an intelligent man, you should expose this hypocrisy.”

But he said, “I have thought about it many times. As far as I’m concerned, I’m already too rich.centuries of accumulation. I can expose it - that the whole money goes into the pocket of the priest - but I stop myself because this gives people great consolation and security. I don’t want to disturb their consolation and their security.”

I can understand his concern and I don’t think he was just trying to defend himself. He was sincere. But such are our consolations given in different ways by different religions, different priests, different politicians. Everybody is making your life secure - and everybody is destroying you.

An authentic religious person simply drops the idea of security and starts living in utter insecurity, because that is the nature of life. You cannot change it. That which you cannot change, accept - and accept it with joy. Don’t unnecessarily hit your head against the wall; just pass through the door.

Ta Hui, in his last sutras, is giving you his standpoint.

Do you want to attain true one suchness of mind and objects? It requires an abrupt, complete break.

These are the words to be remembered: It requires an abrupt, complete break. It requires a discontinuity of the way you have been living up to now. You have to stop living in ostrich logic.

The ostrich is a very logical animal. Whenever the ostrich sees any enemy, a hunter, he puts his head deep into the sand. Seeing no enemy, he feels completely secure. In fact, he has become more insecure. If he was looking at the enemy, then there would be possible ways to escape, or at least an effort could be made. But when he is standing there, his head in the sand, eyes closed, he is absolutely vulnerable.

This has become many people’s lifestyle - ostrich style. Whatever seems to be dangerous, they ignore it; they don’t look that way. They believe that if they don’t see it, it disappears.

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