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Chapter 6: Why Don’t You Retire?

I have heard: One Christian priest was sending a Bible as a present to some friend - he had made a beautiful parcel. He came to the post office and the clerk at the window asked, “Is there something breakable in it?”

The priest laughed and said, “Yes, Ten Commandments.”

Religion is so delicate, so breakable, no parcel can protect it. The moment you transfer it, it is already dead. It lives with an inner life. It lives in a buddha, in a master. He cannot give it to you, but you can open yourself to it.

It is just like the sun rising in the morning: the sun cannot give life to a flower - no! But the flower opens itself towards it, is enriched through its own opening. If the flower remains closed, the sun cannot do anything. The sun cannot knock at the door, cannot deliver the light, cannot deliver vitality and life - no! The sun will pass unnoticed. A buddha comes - I am here with you, you can open yourself. But if you remain closed nothing can be done. So it is up to you, it is totally dependent on you whether you learn or not - and it is not study.

Study is a dead thing, intellectual. Learning is alive: it is not from the head, it is from the heart. You learn from the heart, you study from the head. When you study you become a great scholar. Go and look at great scholars, all the universities are filled with them, and you will not find people more dead than them. They are almost in their graves - they have already entered! They have never lived; they are so much obsessed with words that they have bypassed life.

They may be talking about love but they have never loved. They cannot afford it - it is so risky; and they are so learned that they cannot take that dangerous step. They have talked about meditation, read about it, but they have never done it. It is dangerous. Nothing can be more dangerous than that. And a scholar is always in search of security; security in words, security in doctrines, security everywhere. He is not a gambler, he cannot stake his life. And unless you stake your life you cannot learn.

This learning is of the heart, it is just like love. That’s why Jesus goes on repeating that God is love. It doesn’t mean, as Christians have understood or misunderstood it, that God is loving. No! It doesn’t mean that God is loving. It simply means if you want to reach God, the method is the same as when you want to enter into love. “God is love” means: the path that leads to the temple of love is the same path that leads to the temple of God. It just indicates the path - it goes through the heart, not through the head.

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