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Chapter 3: On the Character of Tao

The lawyer said, “You don’t be worried. First give me my fee and then I will show you the way.” So the lawyer took his fee and then said, “Hold on. He cannot sell the dead body to anybody else; he will have to yield, because nobody will purchase that body - so you just hold on.”

Two, three days passed. The family followed the advice. The fisherman became worried because now the body was stinking, and he started feeling that it was better now to yield and accept whatsoever they gave. It had become a problem, nobody else would purchase the body - he also felt it. So how could he bargain? But before deciding anything, he also went to the legal adviser - the same man.

He said, “First give me the fee and I will give you the advice.” He took his fee and said, “Hold on! The family cannot purchase the body from anywhere else - they will have to yield.”

Logic is a whore, a prostitute. It can be for, it can be against. It belongs to nobody. So logic can be for philosophy and logic can be against philosophy.

Lao Tzu is not an anti-philosopher because he is not a logician at all. Buddha is anti-philosophic: he argues against it. Nagarjuna is anti-philosophic: he argues against it. Not Lao Tzu. He does not argue at all, he simply states. He is not after you to convince you - no, not Lao Tzu. Everybody else seems to be in some way trying to convince you, but not Lao Tzu. He simply states and does not bother whether you are convinced or not.

But his seduction is great. He seduces. He persuades. Not trying to convince, he convinces you deep down in the heart and you cannot refute him because he gives no argument. That’s the beauty and that’s his power. He simply states a fact. And he is not seeking converts, and he is not ready to make you a follower - no. Even if you are ready he will not accept you. But he seduces. His seduction is very subtle and indirect. His seduction is non-aggressive. His seduction is feminine.

There are two types of seduction. When a man seduces a woman, he is aggressive. He tries in every way, takes the initiative, sets a trap; he makes all the efforts that he can make. A woman seduces in a totally different way. She does not take the initiative, she does not set any trap, she does not go after the man; in fact, she pretends that she is not much interested. The man can fail, but the woman never fails - that is the feminine seduction. Her trap is very subtle. You cannot get out of it; it has no loopholes. And without chasing you, she chases you. She haunts you in your dreams - never knocks on your door, but haunts you in your dreams; never shows any interest but becomes the deepest fantasy in your being. That is the feminine trick. And Lao Tzu is a great believer in the feminine mind. We will come across it.

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