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Chapter 1: Now Sit Down and Listen

It is said that angels have the capacity to look into human minds. They can find out what thoughts are moving there. But the more he tried, the more he felt it was impossible - there was no thought moving inside. There was utter emptiness, just nothingness. He started feeling afraid. He knows the nothingness of the sky, he knows the infinity of the sky, but this was deeper than that. It had a depth unknown to him. It was abysmal. He started feeling afraid he may get lost into it, he may not be able to return back.

But the attraction was too much. He was ready even to get lost. He tried hard, he pulled himself deeper and deeper into this silence. He ran inside this man’s consciousness, but he could not find a single iota of thought. So he could not figure out what this man was doing.

He came out, turned himself into a man, bowed down, touched the feet of this man, and said, “Sir, please come out of your samadhi and enlighten me as to what is happening inside, because I don’t see a single thought. Even gods are so full of thoughts! What has happened to you? You have become so utterly silent, even dead bodies are not so utterly silent! - the old thoughts go on like old dust floating in the mind - even if the man is dead the thoughts continue for a time. The mind goes on clicking just out of old habit. What has happened to you? You are alive!”

The man looked at the angel, didn’t say a single word, but smiled. That smile was like an infection, hypnotic. And the angel felt the pull of the smile. That smile was transforming, that smile was a great challenge, that smile was a provocation, that smile was a seduction. That smile invited him to the inner world of this man. And again the man closed his eyes, but somehow the angel also felt to close his eyes. He had got the hint.

The man had said, “I cannot tell you what it is, but I can show you the way. Just sit like me, just be like me. You have looked into my emptiness, just be empty. Only by being is there a way to understanding.”

And he had not uttered a single word, but that smile was his sermon. He had said all that is contained in the Vedas and the Koran and the Bible and Dhammapada and Gita. He had said all without saying a single word. He had said that which cannot be said.

And the angel closed his eyes, sat in silence, and started disappearing.

That’s what happens around a master. You need not obey a master. You have just to be around, available, that’s all. His presence is enough to create the seduction.

The presence of the master is seductive. It has no commandment. It does not say to you “Do this,” and “Don’t do that.” Those who talk like that, they are not masters. They may be teachers at the most. A master never says “Do this,” and “Don’t do that.” A master is not concerned with your actions at all. His concern is deeper, his concern is with your being.

A master is catching.like measles. In his presence you start catching a different vibe - if you are available, if you are ready to listen, if you are ready to look - then things start moving on their own. That is the meaning of a master.

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