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Chapter 11: What Is Eternal?

There is so much hidden within a seed which cannot be contained in its physical form. The form of the seed is insignificant, almost nothing. That which is formless must be hidden in the seed, because one seed can bear an infinite number of seeds. The form cannot produce the infinite; whatever is born out of form will be finite. The seed should have a finite capacity, only then its form would have some meaning. But I have told you that one seed can fill the whole earth - even this is just a way of expression. Otherwise, if we were to expand the mathematics of it correctly, one seed could fill the whole cosmos, and even the cosmos would become insufficient and the seed require more space because there would be no end to it. One seed producing millions of seeds, and out of millions, again millions and millions of seeds.there is no end to it.

So can what was hidden in that first seed be contained in the form itself? Infinity cannot be contained in the form. The form can only contain the finite. Form itself is a limitation, so how can it contain the formless, the limitless? So when we only see the form in the seed, that is the fault of our vision because we are not able to see the whole seed with all its potential. That which it can be, in a way, is inherent in it right now, otherwise how could it manifest in the future? If this one seed did not contain all the seeds of the world, how could they ever manifest in the future? They are hidden in it today, here and now, only our eyes are not able to see them. So the form of the seed is our illusion - the real nature of the seed is formless. Wherever form is seen, it is because of our faulty vision.

It is like looking at the sky through a window. If you have never seen the sky outside, the sky will look as if it is framed. The form of the window will appear to be the form of the sky. The window is giving a form to the sky - but the sky is formless. Even when we are standing outside the house looking up at the sky and there is no window, then too the earth works like a window and the sky appears arched. The only reason for the arched appearance of the sky is the roundness of the earth. The sky is not round - the earth becomes the window and gives it a form. Our eyes are not more than the window; our eyes will fix a form on whatsoever we see.

So, in fact, looking outside we will always meet the form and not the formless. In order to search for the formless we have to look inside where we can be rid of all windows. With closed eyes we don’t need to remember the window - we don’t need any eyes, any window, or even an earth. Entering within, we enter into the formless.

Truth exists within and without, but first the seeker has to know the truth within. The day he knows the formless within, the formless becomes apparent outside too. Then form remains only on the surface as an appearance, created by oneself.

This formlessness is free of all descriptions such as truth, wisdom, the infinite, abode of bliss, it is pure gold-like consciousness and knowing. When such a consciousness is experienced.this sutra is very precious.when such a consciousness is experienced then it is called twam; it is called thou, not I.

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