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Chapter 10: Seeing Double

The monk was a curious monk, that’s why in this parable he does not awake. Otherwise.we have been studying many parables; when the search is true, in the end satori happens, a certain enlightenment comes. Suddenly a disciple becomes alert, as if someone has shaken him out of his sleep. A clarity comes. Maybe only for a split second, but clouds disperse and the vast sky is seen. The clouds will come again - that’s not the problem, but now you know what real sky is and you will carry this seed within you. Rightly taken care of, this seed will become a tree, and thousands will be able to find rest and shelter under you. But if you are curious, nothing will happen. If you are curious, the question has not come out of the heart. It is an intellectual itch - and in mind, seeds cannot be sown.

Jesus has a parable - he was continuously talking about it. A farmer went to sow seeds. He just threw them here and there. Some fell on the road; they never sprouted because the road was hard and the seeds could not penetrate the soil, they could not move in the deeper, darker realm of the soil. .Because only there does birth happen, only in the deep dark does God start working. The work is secret work, it is hidden.

Some fell by the side of the road; they sprouted, but animals destroyed them. Only some fell on the right soil; they not only sprouted, they grew to their full height, they flowered, they came to fulfillment, and one seed came to be millions of seeds.

If you ask from curiosity, you are asking from the road. The head is just a road - it has to be, it has such a constant traffic. It has to be very hard, almost concrete. Even on your roads the traffic is not so much as in your head. So many thoughts going here and there at fast speed! We have not yet been able to invent a faster vehicle than thought - our fastest vehicles are nothing before thought. Your astronauts may reach the moon, but they cannot reach it with the speed of thought, they will take time; you can simply immediately reach the moon in thought. For thought, it is as if space does not exist: one moment you can be here, next moment in London and the next in New York, and hop around the world many times within a second. So much traffic.the road is almost concrete; throw something there, it will never sprout.

Curiosity comes from the head. It is asking a master something just as if you have encountered him in the market and you ask him. I know such people. I was traveling so much it was a problem to avoid such people. Even on the platform - I am going to catch a train and they are accompanying me and they will ask, “What about God? Does God exist or not?” These people are curious and they are foolish! Never ask a question out of curiosity, because it is useless, wasting your time and others.”

If somebody had asked this master the question right from the heart, the end would have been different. The man would have flowered into satori, there would have been a fulfillment. But there is no end like that because the very beginning was wrong. A master gives you an answer out of compassion, knowing well that you are curious - but maybe, who knows, even accidents happen; sometimes curious people also become authentically interested, nobody knows.

A master was asked by a curious monk: “What is the way?” “It is right before your eyes,” said the master.

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