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Chapter 15: For No Reason at All

I looked at the man, and he realized the fact that he had exaggerated the thing. If I should ask him for the evidence, he would have to produce thousands of husbands and thousands of wives in the court. So he immediately said, “At least this man has arranged one marriage, certainly.” Now I wondered.from one “certain” marriage, this government attorney can go on creating a fiction of thousands of marriages! And even about that one marriage I had no knowledge.

In fact, I am the only person in the world who is against marriage. I don’t want a single marriage in the world. Because to me, unless marriages disappear, prostitutes will remain; you cannot get rid of them. Homosexuals will remain; you cannot get rid of them. All kinds of sexual perverts will remain - and psychoanalysts say almost ninety percent of their patients are psychopaths, but their psychopathology is rooted in their sexual perversion.

And there are millions of divorces. Children become, unnecessarily, orphans. Their mothers are alive, their fathers are alive, but because of the divorce they have become orphans. And the root cause is marriage. Just remove marriage and you will have removed almost half the miseries of humanity. It is not a small percentage.

There will not be any need of prostitutes, there will not be any need for every husband and wife to fight every day. There will be no need for children to learn from their fathers and mothers the behavior of a married life. There will not be homosexuals and there will not be any need of diseases like AIDS.

Strangely enough, a man who is preaching against marriage is being charged with arranging thousands of marriages. Sitting there.I was not allowed by my attorneys to say anything because they were worried about me. Every day they tried to convince me, “You should not speak, because a single word from you and the case will become very complicated. It will take twenty or thirty years to solve it, so you simply remain silent.”

There were moments when I had to tell them, “It is going very hard, because such stupid charges are put against me and I have to remain silent. And you don’t have any courage to stand up and say something.” I said, “I have thought many times in these twelve days that it would be better to be thirty years fighting in the court. These courts of which America is very proud have to be put right.”

Even the judges were sitting wrongly. A judge has to sit facing both the parties. And I told my attorneys, “Don’t stop me. It is intolerable for me to sit there the whole day, seeing the judge changing the position of his chair and just looking at the government attorney. Is he a judge or just part of the same government? He should not behave as part of the government; otherwise there is no question of justice.” Those judges were not even looking at my attorneys, they were not even listening to their arguments. Even if they stood and wanted to raise an objection, the judge would not listen to their whole sentence. Just in the middle of a sentence he would say, “Overruled!”

I said, “It will be better for me to suffer thirty years in jails, or a crucifixion, but seeing such unjust behavior.you are asking me to do the impossible. I would put that judge immediately right. He will have to turn his chair, because he cannot sit this way and he cannot behave this way.”

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