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Chapter 13: You Can’t Hold on and Clap Too

The doctor had never come across such a case. He said, “There is no precedent, and I have never come across, in any medical book, any such case. But just try one thing while I am reaching there - because it is snowing and it will take almost half an hour to reach to your house - you just hang above his mouth a piece of cheese. Perhaps the mouse may come back, smelling the cheese.”

So she ran into her kitchen and brought a piece of cheese from the fridge. But by the time she came back, what she saw almost gave her a nervous breakdown. She saw a cat going inside, because the cat was in search of the mouse! She phoned the doctor again: “the situation has changed.”

But the wife of the doctor said, “The doctor has left, he must be on his way. And this case is even more unprecedented. I don’t know anything; I cannot even suggest anything. This is just my opinion, because I am not a doctor, but try to find a mouse. Instead of cheese, now a mouse is needed. Hang it over his face; perhaps the cat may come out.” By the time the doctor reached there, Jimmy Carter’s wife was hanging a mouse over his face. The doctor said, “I had told you to hang a piece of cheese. Are you mad or something?”

She said, “But the whole situation has changed. By the time I had brought the cheese, I saw a cat was going in, and this was your wife’s suggestion.”

He said, “My God, a cat is also in? Then you are doing right!”

People are smiling without any meaning in it; it is superficial. People are saying things to others which they don’t mean, and they have never thought.that’s why they are saying these things.

One of my professors was so talkative that he even used to talk in his sleep. His wife complained to me, “He loves you so much, perhaps you can tell him that, at least in the night, stop lecturing the class. But he goes on talking, and does not allow anybody in the house to sleep silently.”

And he had a very loud voice - he was known as “the loudspeaker.” He never used one. Even in addressing five thousand people, there was no need for any loudspeaker.

The wife said, “Not only we cannot sleep, even the neighbors..”

And the whole day.in the class he was talking, in the common room he was talking, in the cafeteria he was talking. I told him, “Have you ever thought about how much energy, how much fuel you are burning in talking so much? And nobody wants to listen to it. In fact they feel tortured - people want to escape from you. I have seen people turning into other roads, seeing that you are approaching. Nobody comes to see you in your house; and if you go to somebody else’s house, the wife says that her husband is out - and he is in. Everybody is avoiding you, and you are not gaining anything out of it.”

He thought for a moment, and he said, “You are right. Once in a while I also wonder why I go on talking.”

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