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Chapter 5: The Discipline of Transcendence

O children of Buddha! You are away from me ever so many thousands of miles, but if you remember and think of my precepts, you shall surely gain the fruit of enlightenment. You may, standing by my side, see me always, but if you observe not my precepts, you shall never gain enlightenment.

And Buddha says: Never stop anywhere unless you have attained to the seventh - the state of a disciplined no-discipline, the state of effortlessness, the state of tao, dhamma, the state which Kabir calls sahaj, spontaneous. But you have to work hard for it.

So Buddha says: You can remain with me, and if you don’t follow what I am saying, if you don’t bring it to your heart, to your intelligence, to your being, then you are thousands of miles away from me. But you may be thousands of miles away from me.if you are following what I have said, you are close to me, and your enlightenment is absolutely certain, assured, promised.

To be close to a buddha.there is only one way to follow his footprints. To be close to a buddha means: become more and more aware, become more and more alert. Bring a little buddhahood to yourself.

The goal is that you also have to become a buddha. Only then will you be able to understand exactly what is the meaning and significance and the grandeur of being awakened.

This consciousness exists within you right now, this very moment. You may not be able to see it. I can see it. It is there like a mirror, and you get identified with all that reflects in the mirror. Drop your identifications: start seeing that you are not the body; start seeing that you are not the mind; start seeing that you are not the emotions, not the thoughts; start seeing that you are not pleasure and pain; start seeing neither old nor young; start seeing neither success nor failure. Remember always that you are the witness. By and by, this mirrorlike quality will explode into your being.

The day you recognize that you are a mirror, you are free. You are freedom. This is what moksha or nirvana is all about.

Enough for today.