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Chapter 3: The Science of the Inner Soul

“Even the twelve journalists are getting bored, so you, please, go to the other door, in front.”

But journalists are stubborn people, you cannot get rid of them so easily..

He said, “Just listen to this one thing. I will go to the other door after twenty-four hours, but not now.”

The doorkeeper said, “What will you do for twenty-four hours, standing here?”

He said, “I am not going to stand here, you let me in. If I can convince one of the twelve journalists to go to hell, then you can give me his place. The quota will remain complete.”

Even the doorkeeper thought that was sensible. He said, “Okay, come in. Have a try.”

After twenty-four hours he managed to tell everybody, journalists, non-journalists, “In hell there is going to be a new newspaper published which will be the largest and the most important. They need editors, subeditors, reporters, all kinds of journalists - with great salaries!”

After twenty-four hours he went back to the gate. The gatekeeper said, “You cannot get out.”

He said, “What do you mean?”

He said, “All the twelve have escaped. You convinced them, and they were creating so much fuss that I finally allowed them to go. Now you cannot leave, at least we should have one journalist.”

But the journalist said, “I cannot stay.”

The doorkeeper said, “You created the lie. There is no newspaper. There are no great salaries.”

He said, “Yes, I created the lie, but if twelve people have believed it there must be something to it! I don’t want to be here. You open the door, otherwise I am going to complain. I don’t belong here, I’m not supposed to be here.”

Seeing the point that it was true, the doorkeeper allowed him to go without permission from any higher authority.

What had happened to the journalist? He had invented a lie, and he succeeded in convincing twelve people. Whenever you convince somebody, you are also being convinced simultaneously.

For centuries in the East the priesthood has been convincing people that it is your past evil acts which have made you poor. All you need to do is to remain contented with your poverty, with your sickness, with your death. This is a test of your trust. And if you can pass through this fire test, in the next life, after death, you will be rewarded enormously.

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