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Chapter 39: Mysteries of Existence

And the same government allowed Ronald Reagan to use England as a base to bombard a poor and small country, Libya - which was absolutely innocent. And the bombardment was done in the night in a civilian area. To England that was not dangerous. But the reality is England is under America’s economic empire as much as Germany.

The fall of Adolf Hitler and his regime was not the victory of England, was not the victory of France, was not the victory of anybody else than America. With the disappearance of Adolf Hitler, the whole of Europe’s freedom disappeared. They all became dependent economically on America.

I have been in Ireland. Perhaps the man at the airport had drunk too much beer so he simply.we simply wanted one day’s stay to give a rest to the pilots - he gave us seven days. He did not bother who we were, what the purpose was. He must have been really drunk.

We reached a hotel, and in the morning the police came, asked for the passports and canceled those seven days.

And we said, “We will make an immediate exposure to the world news media. You have given us seven days, and you have canceled them without giving any reason. None of our people has gone out of the hotel; they have not committed any crime. You cannot do this.”

They were afraid, because they were caught in a dilemma. They had given seven days; now they had canceled them, and they didn’t have any reason to show why. So they said, “You can stay as long as you want, but don’t go outside the hotel.”

“But,” I said, “that will be illegal because we will not have any visa.”

They said, “Nobody will be bothered by it; you just remain in the hotel.” We remained there for fifteen days because we needed some time. Our people were working in Spain and the Spanish government was willing to give me a permanent residence.

And what happened in Uruguay happened in Spain, exactly the same pattern. They agreed, and immediately, within one hour, they said, “No, it is not possible.” We never came to know exactly what happened - but now we know.

Here in Uruguay, because it is a small country, everybody knows everybody else; and we had made contact with all the political parties, all the ministers - who were all favorable except one man, the foreign minister. Seeing that everybody was favorable, he also voted in favor.

He was functioning as an American agent - to create a situation that I should not be given a permanent residence - so that America could remain uninvolved. And he had his own price, and the price was to be that America was going to choose him as secretary-general of the UN - that was the price. I’m sorry for the poor man. He lost his prize because he voted for me, seeing that everybody was favorable.

Now we know what would have happened in Spain: the same story. For one month they were continuously saying, “Everything is ready, just a signature has to happen.” So we just wanted time, that if Spain was ready we could move from Ireland to Spain. We stayed in Ireland for fifteen days without any visa.

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