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Chapter 22: The Distillation of Rebellious Spirits

God is love when you love humanity, when you love words which don’t mean anything. Have you ever met humanity anywhere? Can you imagine that someday you will encounter humanity? You will meet only human beings. Humanity is simply a word.

“Love humanity” - it gives you the idea of something abstract. “Love God, love truth” - the sentences seem to be linguistically right, but existentially they mean nothing.

And you have to remember it: that most of our beautiful words are only words. You can play with them, you can create poetry, but you cannot live them because words cannot be lived. There is nothing living in them.

Now, just think of the idea: “Love God.” What does it mean? How does one fall in love with God? You have not seen God. You don’t know him. How are you going to recognize that this fellow is God?

I was watching a film, The Difficulties of an Ordinary God. It is a beautiful film. A man starts seeing a very ordinary God, just like an old hobo, with a hat cricketers use. Now, God in a hat which cricketers use! And he looks also like a cricket player. He is very old, but must have been in his young days a cricket player. And when God declared to this man, “You don’t recognize me: I am God, I created the world,” the man said, “My God! You created the world! Don’t say it to anybody otherwise people will think you are mad.”

But the old man insisted, he said, “You want some proof?”

The young man said, “I don’t want any proof. Just seeing you is enough to know that you are no God. This is not the way - that God suddenly stops you on the way; that you are going somewhere and he wants a lift! This is a strange meeting. I have heard about the God Moses met on the mountain and Jesus heard from the sky, and Mohammed - but God asking for a lift?”

But the old man was stubborn, he said, “I will give you proof” And he gives him proof: he simply disappears.

The young man looks all around - he was in the car sitting by his side - he is not there! He says, “My God! Perhaps he really was God, but what a funny God! And I missed the opportunity.”

The old man appeared again, he said, “Look, when I was gone you started thinking you had missed an opportunity.”

But seeing him again the young man said, “You did some trick, you must know some magic. But I cannot accept you as God. Your clothes seem to be purchased from a secondhand place, or you have stolen them. They don’t fit you, they are too loose and too dirty - as if you have not taken a bath for many years.”

But the old man said, “God is so pure that he does not need any bath or anything. And of course the clothes are very old, because I am very old. I have told you that I created the world; at that time I created these clothes. Since then I have not created anything, so they are very ancient.”

The young man said, “What to do about you? Where do you want to get out?”

He said, “Anywhere, because I am everywhere.

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