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Chapter 27: Close Your Eyes and Find Me

The guards were ordered not to recognize that the people in my house even existed. They were not to smile at them, they were not to wave at them, they were not to talk with them; they were not to create any kind of contact with them.

One guard must have asked “Why? If we are there to protect the Master, then what is the point of this precaution?”

She said, “The precaution is absolutely necessary. One day you may have to shoot all those people who live there.”

Yes, you should be grateful to her. She has made roads, she has made houses - but she has also stolen forty-three million dollars. Even before I came to America she had stolen three hundred thousand dollars, and managed in the court to show that that money had gone to Rajneesh Foundation. Now the court has decided one point four million dollars is to be returned to the person. And the money had never come to the Foundation. All those papers were bogus.

Yes, we have to be grateful to her - she was doing great work. She created this fascist group. She threw out every person who was capable, far more capable than herself, of making the commune better, more comfortable, less tedious. She harassed those people - the vice-chancellor of the university, the chancellor of the university, many psychotherapists, doctors. People who were competent like Sushila, Makima - they had to leave. Not that they were leaving me, because they are all coming back. They had to leave simply because there is a limit to suffering humiliation, harassment.

And why should a person like Sushila be thrown out?.Because Sushila could have managed this commune far better than Sheela. But you are not aware of it, that when we came here we had not a single dollar, and Sushila managed to collect thirty-three million dollars to start the commune with. Now, she was a dangerous woman in the eyes of Sheela, because she had done such a great job to get the commune started. This was the reward for her - to be thrown out from here!

In Australia Sushila was managing, with another sannyasin, a company which was capable of producing millions of dollars. And her idea was that that money would come to the commune. I prevented Sheela.I told her, “Don’t interfere. They are working well.” But seeing millions of dollars and the possibilities, she unnecessarily went there and forced Sushila from there too - in my name. She told her, “The master says you should leave. I am going to take charge of the company.”

That was a pure lie; I had told her just the opposite. When Sushila was in charge there, there was no problem. I have known Sushila for many more years than I have known Sheela. I know her love towards me, and I have great respect for her capacities. But when Sheela used my name, finally Sushila left. And the moment she left, the whole company fell into pieces. Those millions of dollars disappeared; the company is in a mess, under litigation. Yes, you are right, we should be grateful to her.

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