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Chapter 6: Desireless Devotion

Sahajo’s way is of love, devotion, surrender and the worship of the master. Yet why does she emphasize introversion, going within and non-attachment?

That emphasis is totally right. You are in a difficulty because you think about all these things and don’t experience them. Because of thinking you always see a contradiction in things. The contradiction is created by thinking. There are no contradictions in no-thought.

When I told you that one way is of love and one way is of meditation, you start seeing contradictions. Now if someone talks about meditation you will say that he is against love. If someone talks about love then you will say that he is against meditation. How many times do you have to be told? - love is the name of the same experience which happens in meditation. There is not the slightest difference between love and meditation. Even if there is any difference it is not between love and meditation, it is between the paths to reaching love and meditation.

One person has come here by walking, another has come by riding a bicycle, one has come in a car, one has come running, one has come walking slowly; someone has come alone, someone else with somebody. But does it matter how you come? You have come here, you are with me. After arriving here all those details about whether you came on a bicycle or by walking, together or alone, become irrelevant. There is no need to raise that question again. Now you will not say that I cannot sit near this person because he has come on a bicycle and I have come on foot. Now you have forgotten all about it. It may be that on the way you had to face some difficulties, and seeing somebody coming on a bicycle you were a little jealous because you had to come on foot. Seeing somebody going past in a car, splashing the muddy water on the road, you might have been a little angry at him, some enmity might have arisen..

I have heard:

A car driver stopped his car and asked a farmer, “Where does this road lead to?”

The farmer said, “Ask somebody else!”

The driver asked him, “Brother, why can’t you tell us?”

He said, “We walk, you will have to ask someone who travels by car. Why should we tell you? We travel on foot. Our ways are different: we go on walking and you go in a car. What business do we have with you? Ask somebody else.”

Perhaps on the way you have had to face some difficulties, but when you have arrived, when have you reached the goal then neither is the car rider in his car nor is the bicycle rider on his bicycle. Then all get down from their vehicles, all vehicles are left behind.

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