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Chapter 3: Devise No Word

They have corrupted you, they have hypnotized you into language. Now you don’t see, you think. Now you don’t know, you think. Now you go about and about and about and you never hit the target itself. Round and round you go. You will talk about God, you will talk about love, and you will talk about this and that and you will never know anything - because to know love one has to be loving. It does not help to think about it, to read about it. You can become one of the greatest experts about love and you will not know an iota of it. It is an experience. Language is very tricky. It substitutes the real with the about.

One day a man came to me and he said, “I have come to know about God.” I said, “Why about? Why not God himself?” Why about? And how is it going to help if you know about God? Yes, you will accumulate a little information, you will become more knowledgeable - but that is not going to help, that is not going to transform you, that is not going to become your inner luminousness. You will remain as dark as before.

The whole effort of a Jesus or a Buddha or a Bodhidharma is nothing but how to undo that which the society has done to you. These are the most antisocial people in the world. They destroy whatsoever the society has created around you, all the fences around you, all the defenses around you, all the walls around you - they destroy, they go on destroying. They are great nihilists. They simply destroy - because that which is, need not be created. It is already there. It has not to be invented, it has only to be discovered.

Or, it will be better to say, rediscovered. You have known it, that’s why we have a very, very dim dark feeling for bliss. Somehow we know what it is although we cannot exactly put what it is into words. We are seeking for it. We are groping in the dark and moving towards something called bliss. If you have not known it before, how can you go on groping for it? You must have known it sometime. You may have forgotten, true, but you must have known and somewhere deep in your unconscious, in the recesses of your being, you must be carrying a nostalgia, a dream.

That is exactly the case. You have known God. You have lived as a God. When you were a child you lived without ego - before you came into contact with the serpent. You have known, your eyes were clear, you had a transparent clarity, you were able to see through and through. You have lived like a God and you have known what bliss is but now it is forgotten. But still it goes on knocking somewhere deep down from your unconscious - “Seek it. Seek it again.”

Hence you seek God, hence you seek meditation, hence you seek love, hence you seek all that you seek. Sometimes in the right direction, sometimes in the wrong direction, but you are continuously seeking one thing that you know was there and that you know is no more there. The day you know what God is, the day you meet that experience, you will laugh. You will say, “So this is God? But I have known it before. I can recognize it.” That’s how people recognize God, otherwise how will they recognize it? If suddenly one day you come across me and you have not known me, how will you recognize me?

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