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Chapter 23: Enlightenment without Bargaining

Just like me. How do you know I am enlightened? Except that I started one day saying, “I am enlightened.” And since that day not even a doubt has arisen in me: just think it over, are you really enlightened? I have never looked at the fact again.

And whenever you ask, I feel sad because I cannot do anything to make you enlightened. Except to shout in your ears that, “You are it! This is it!”

It is a reality not away from you, not separate from you, it is in your heartbeats, in your breaths, in your consciousness, in your very being. Once you drop big words, which scriptures and philosophers have invented, and become simple and humble and look inside yourself, it is here. It is in your laughter, it is in your songs, it is in your dances. Nobody can give it to you and nobody can take it away from you. And there is no way to find it because you have not lost it.

I have never agreed with Jesus Christ on the point. He says, “Seek and ye shall find it.” I disagree categorically, absolutely. I say, “Do not seek; otherwise you will never find it. Seek not and find.” Seeking keeps you away from finding it. It is in the seeker itself. So where are you going to seek?

Jesus says, “Ask and it shall be given to you.” Who is there to give it to you? And if it were something like a matter of begging a god who goes on hiding behind the clouds or somewhere in the stars like a thief.that’s what all the religions are doing, praying. It is not a question of asking.

Do not ask.

Just be silent and you are it.

You are the answer. The answer is not going to come from anywhere else.

Jesus says, “Knock and the door shall be opened.” And I say unto you: The doors have always been open. There is no point in knocking on an open door, and if you can knock, that means you are knocking on some wall. The door is open.

I say unto you: The door is open, come in. Enter in. The existence is welcoming; there is no barrier. The whole existence is willing to be your host.

Yoganand, because you are enlightened anyway.whether you accept it or not, that does not matter; I accept you as enlightened. Even with your girlfriend you can be, because I don’t see that enlightenment can be disturbed by a girlfriend or by a rented bicycle or by your stupid-looking pajamas. Enlightenment has nothing to do with these things - that your bicycle is punctured. Do you think your enlightenment is also punctured?

“Good morning!” says Mendel Kravitz as he comes into Goldberg and Finkelstein’s tailors’ shop. “I came to this store because I don’t like to bargain.”

“Well, you have come to the right place,” says Hymie Goldberg.

“Right,” agrees Moishe, “We are strictly a one-price outfit.”

“Excellent,” says Mendel, “I like that checked suit in the window. How much will it cost?”

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