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Chapter 27: The Soul Is a Quest

Khalil Gibran says: “Be like two pillars that support the same roof, but don’t start possessing the other, leave the other independent. Support the same roof - that roof is love.”

Two lovers support something invisible and something immensely valuable: some poetry of being, some music heard in the deepest recesses of their existence. They support both, they support some harmony, but still they remain independent. They can expose themselves to the other, because there is no fear. They know they are. They know their inner beauty, they know their inner perfume; there is no fear.

But ordinarily the fear exists, because you don’t have any perfume. If you expose yourself you will simply stink. You will stink of jealousies, hatreds, angers, lust. You will not have the perfume of love, prayerfulness, compassion.

Millions of people have decided to remain seeds. Why? When they can become flowers and they can also have a dance in the wind and the sun and the moon, why have they decided to remain seeds? There is something in their decision: the seed is more secure than the flower. The flower is fragile; the seed is not fragile, the seed looks stronger. The flower can be destroyed very easily; just a strong wind and the petals will blow away. The seed cannot be destroyed so easily by the wind, the seed is very protected, secure. The flower is exposed - such a delicate thing, and exposed to so many hazards: a strong wind may come, it may rain cats and dogs, the sun may be too hot, some foolish man may pluck the flower. Anything can happen to the flower, everything can happen to the flower, the flower is constantly in danger. But the seed is safe; hence millions of people decide to remain seeds. But to remain a seed is to remain dead, to remain a seed is not to live at all. It is secure, certainly, but it has no life.

Death is secure, life is insecurity. One who really wants to live has to live in danger, in constant danger. One who wants to reach to the peaks has to take the risk of getting lost. One who wants to climb the highest peaks has to take the risk of falling from somewhere, slipping down.

The greater the longing to grow, the more and more danger has to be accepted. The real man accepts danger as his very style of life, as his very climate of growth.

You ask me, “Why is it so difficult to relate?” It is difficult because you are not yet. First be. Everything else is possible only afterwards; first be.

Jesus says it in his own way: “First seek ye the kingdom of God, then all else shall be added unto you.” This is just an old expression for the same thing that I am saying: First be, then all else shall be added unto you.

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