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Chapter 44: Become Again an Innocent Child

God as an object is for those who are collecting knowledge, wisdom, scripture. godliness as your own subjectivity, as your own being, is greater than wisdom - when the seeker himself is the sought, when the observer himself is the observed, when you and God are not two, divided by knowledge, when you are not separate from God but in your every breath is the fragrance of godliness and in every beat of your heart is the music of the ultimate.

Wisdom is for those who want to become respectable cheaply. The true seeker is not after respectability, not after Nobel Prizes, not after any reward - here or hereafter. The true seeker wants not to know, but to be. And the difference is immense.

To know love is one thing. To be love is totally different. And the difference is unbridgeable.

You can know love by going into a big library and finding everything that has been said about love. And you can collect all the great statements about love. Still you have not known love, still your heart is empty of love. Your head is full with words about love, but your heart is not satisfied by knowing about love. Your heart wants to become love. Without becoming love, what is the use of knowing about it?

It is a flame, a spirit in you, ever gathering more of itself.

Wisdom is not something that you gather from scriptures and holy books. It is a flame, it is a spirit - it is your very being which goes on gathering up more and more of itself. You go on becoming not more and more knowledgeable, but more and more rooted in the earth, centered in your being. Out of this grows the ultimate flower called enlightenment. Enlightenment is not knowledge, it is being.

While you, heedless of its expansion, bewail the withering of your days,
It is life in quest of life in bodies that fear the grave.

What is the seeker doing? It is life in quest of more life, it is dance that wants to become more perfect, it is silence that wants to become deeper.

In the depth of silence there is a soundless song, the song celestial; there is a music without any instruments - a music that is just part of your being. It is not something added from the outside, it is something that grows from inside.

Every being is pregnant with godliness. Just as the child grows in the mother’s womb, godliness grows within your being. Clean yourself of all rubbish that you have gathered so that your godliness can have enough space to grow. It needs all the space that is available in existence; less than that will not do.

There are no graves here.

Remember, don’t be afraid of death because there are no graves here.

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