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Chapter 1: I Belong to My Own Category

Now, who will be against this man? - who has not spoken, who is not against anything, anybody. His whole business is to help you spiritually - and that too only in silence; you can sit with him in silence.

Now, there are very few people in the world who can understand silence. A master first needs to teach you how to be silent, and unless he is satisfied that now you are capable of listening in silence, listening to that which is not being said vocally, verbally, but only telepathically..

Meher Baba had never prepared anybody for telepathic transference of ideas. And to me it seems to be absurd. What is the need? - because even in telepathy you will have to use the same language. If I want to say something to you - whether I say it aloud so that you can hear or I say it silently so that you can hear only telepathically, it makes no difference. Unless I am trying to give messages which are secret, unless there is a certain conspiracy..

But around Meher Baba, nothing has happened.

The man himself was of great importance, but he remained silent for the same reason as Raman Maharshi.

But he could not stay in one place. He did not abandon the world completely. He was still thinking that some way could be found to approach seekers. He moved around the world in search of seekers, but I don’t think he found any. He found only worshippers who sang devotional songs to him, because they had their desires.

And in the East it is believed that if the person who is enlightened blesses you, any desire is bound to be fulfilled. Existence can never say no to the enlightened consciousness. For the enlightened man, existence is always “yes”; there is a deep synchronicity.

So the people who gathered around Meher Baba were not seekers, they were people who wanted position, power, money, prestige - all the wrong kinds of people. And because he was engaging people in wishful dreaming and not saying anything, he was not against the vested interests. Why should any government be against him? Why should any religion be against him?

There was no question - these people were harmless people.

The third man on your list is George Gurdjieff. He is the most unique master the world has ever seen, but his uniqueness created a distance between him and the normal humanity. All his methods were valid methods, but the journey was long and he made it even longer by the way he propounded it.

In fact, that was one of his devices to find the real seekers.

Are you ready to go to the very end of the world, or are you just a curiosity monger? - you will go a little way to know what this man is all about, waste his time, and then you will be back in the world. He would choose only those who are ready even to die if that is the only way to find the truth.

Naturally he was surrounded by only a very small group of people.

And he was also not interested in any social revolution.

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