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Chapter 14: The Ego on the Tip of the Nose

So the first thing to remember is that nobody has ever come home by seeking. Seeking means going astray. Only non-seekers come home. But to become a non-seeker one has first to become a seeker. Seeking is a part, a part of attaining non-seeking. Even a buddha has to seek and go astray and suffer. That pain is a must. That is the price we pay. Then one day, when you have sought in every direction, in every dimension, and nowhere have you found anything that you wanted, when your frustration is utterly total, in that very moment of frustration all seeking drops. Suddenly you are back home. But to come home one has to knock on many doors.

So I am not saying you should drop your seeking - unless you are utterly confused, utterly frustrated. If you are still hankering, if there is still hope lurking somewhere in your mind that you can find by seeking, then seek, seek by all means - even though nobody has ever attained by seeking. I will say, “Seek. Seek by all means - so that you can be frustrated, so that you can recognize the hopelessness of the very effort.” In that hopelessness is hope, in that frustration dances a totally new existence - the world of being. Seeking is the world of becoming.

To me you are already great horses. I have never come across anybody who is not a great horse. He may think he is not - that is his problem. He may think or even believe that he is not.. And people behave according to their beliefs. If you believe you are not a great horse you will behave in a way that is suitable to one who is not a great horse. If you believe you are bad you will behave in that way. If you believe you are good you will behave in that way.

But your pretensions are your pretensions, your acting. I see your original face, I see you as you are. The day I saw my own great horse, that very day all other kinds of horses disappeared for me. I look into every face, into every eye, and the great horse is there. The same horse that exists in me exists in you, there are not two horses - it is the same greatness. It is the same ocean that waves in you and that waves in me, that waves in a Buddha, in a Christ, in a Krishna.

But when you are seeking, you cannot look inside yourself. Seeking means you have moved into the future; seeking means you have already gone to the goal; seeking means you have already reached where you believe you have to be. It is a projection, it is a fantasy trip, it is a mind-journey. Non-seeking means that mind has stopped; non-seeking means that there is no movement inside you, you are not going anywhere.

Sitting silently,
Doing nothing.
The spring comes
And the grass grows by itself.

The second question:

If groups are a safer and more stimulating place to begin to expand any conceivable, personal boundaries, why have you not encouraged the creation of Indian groups with Indian leaders?

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