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Chapter 9: These Games Keep You Retarded

Aldous Huxley experimented with all kinds of drugs and finally he decided that LSD seems to come very close to the description of somrasa. In the hope that in the future LSD will be more refined - because it is a synthetic drug, manufactured; hence there is every possibility to improve upon it, to take away all the ingredients which can be harmful and leave only that which brings health, wholeness, awareness, and a tremendous insight into the mysteries of existence.Hoping that some day scientists were going to discover it, Huxley had already named it soma, just to pay respect to the ancient seers of the Rig Veda.

But Aldous Huxley was in a deep misunderstanding. The somrasa that is being described in the Rig Veda is certainly a drug just like marijuana which used to grow in the Himalayas. Perhaps it still grows there but we have not been able to find the place where it grows.

And the fire they were dancing around has nothing to do with the inner fire of life. I have looked into the Rig Veda as deeply, as sympathetically as possible. The people who are talking about the somrasa and the fire ritual were even sacrificing human beings, not to mention sacrificing other animals. The Hindus, who go on continuously making trouble in this country because of their insistence that cow slaughter should be stopped, should read their ancientmost scriptures. All their priests were slaughtering cows as a sacrifice to the fire god, and they were all eating the meat of the cows. Now, these people cannot be said to be meditative.

I absolutely deny the Rig Veda and the prestige that it has in the minds of men, because people don’t read it and people don’t analyze it and people don’t see its stupidities and all kinds of inhumanities.

In the Rig Veda women are just a commodity. You can purchase women in the marketplace in any auction. Even the so-called seers had many wives, and they were not even satisfied by that. That is an absolutely ugly state, that any human being reduces so many women into cattle. Over and above all that, they were continually purchasing beautiful girls in auctions.

People have forgotten - times change, words take on new colors. Now in India the word vadhu simply means the newly-married woman. But in the times of Rig Veda, vadhu meant a woman who has newly been purchased from the market. Every so-called seer had two kinds of women: one group were his wives and the other were vadhus. The word vadhu is not respectable; it simply means a prostitute, purchased - a commodity, not a human being. It can be sold at any moment.

And the miracle was that the children from the married wife would be the legitimate children, and the children from the purchased wife would not be legitimate. Man has done so much inhumanity to other human beings that it is incalculable. How can a child be illegitimate? Parents can be illegitimate, but a child cannot be. Every child is as innocent as any other child. It does not matter whether the child is born to a prostitute or to a purchased woman or to a married woman. In all cases the child is absolutely legitimate. But people are very cunning in throwing their responsibilities on others. Parents are never called illegitimate. Children are called illegitimate.

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