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Chapter 9: These Games Keep You Retarded

These seers accumulated immense wealth, had many slaves, used to eat meat - I cannot conceive that they had found the inner ecstasy I am talking about. All the circumstantial evidence goes against them. And look at their prayers - their prayers are so stupid that one feels embarrassed that these people were called great seers. Their prayers are in the Rig Veda, and the Rig Veda consists ninety-eight percent of prayers. Only two percent can be sorted out, cleaned, interpreted in a way that makes some sense. Otherwise, ninety-eight percent of it consists of such prayers that you will not believe..

One seer is praying to God, drinking that ancient LSD of Aldous Huxley, “This time, my God, listen to my prayer: your clouds should rain only on my fields, not on the fields of my enemies. You have never listened to me but this time I am sacrificing so many cows, so many horses, and you have to listen. Give more children to me, and don’t give a single child to my enemies.” And who are the enemies? - other seers, and they are also praying! Prayers which look so stupid.”If you are compassionate, give a proof to me: the milk in the breasts of my enemy’s cows should dry up.”

These are religious people? “Give victory to me, to my friends, and defeat to my enemies and their friends.” I cannot think of these people as meditative. Aldous Huxley was absolutely wrong. Somrasa was nothing but some horrible drug; perhaps it may have been marijuana, because it still grows in Kulu Manali and in other parts of the Himalayas. There is no need to cultivate it, it simply grows naturally. Those are the places where the Rig Veda was composed.

As far as I am concerned, my interest is that all the governments of the world and all the religions of the world, all the moral teachers of the world have been against drugs; still drugs are more predominant today than they have ever been. The more they have been condemned, prohibited, made illegal, the more attractive they have become. People used to drink and take drugs at a certain stage, but the latest information from California is that school children are taking drugs, and small boys and girls are suffering in jails because they have been found taking drugs.

It is a strange story - all the religions are against drugs, all the governments are against drugs, all the teachers, all the moralists are against drugs, and the influence of drugs goes on growing. There must be something deeper in it than people have looked into.

My understanding is that unless man finds a drug within himself, which I call ecstasy, he will go on finding some kind of drug as a substitute in the outside world. Only meditation can stop a person from taking drugs. No law can prohibit them - all laws have failed. It only creates hypocrites.

I am not against ecstasy, but when I say ecstasy I don’t mean the drug that is available in the market. I mean the ecstasy that you are born with, that you are still holding inside you, and you have not touched. Just a little taste of it and everything else on the outside immediately becomes meaningless.

You have the source of the infinite ecstasy within you.

Yes, I teach you to be drunkards, but your drink has to come from your own innermost center. And the difference can be very easily understood: every outer drug will make you unconscious, addicted, and every time you will need more and more of it because your body will become immune to it.

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