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Chapter 3: Look In and Find It

It is not a question of always being truthful. At least a master is allowed to use even a lie as a device.

All devices are lies.

This second category is important in the sense that it is through this second category that most of the buddhas have realized their essence.

The first category is very rare, very unique. It is not in your hands. The second category has created many more buddhas than the first, because in the second category the master is trying to help you to drop your differences in strange ways. Nobody in the world has used devices as Zen has.

Now, hitting a disciple sixty times.Certainly I cannot do it - just because of the counting.! Who is going to count up to sixty? But the master must have had great compassion to count up to sixty.

But why is he beating the disciple? He is not beating the disciple, he is beating the disciple’s ego, bringing him to his senses: “Here, personality and ego won’t do.” And these hits are not received by everybody; they are received by only the great disciples with great gratitude.

It is certainly because of compassion that the master comes to the point of hitting the disciple - because he is so close. Just a little push and the whole sky will open up.

He had to hit sixty times because the disciple must have been very stubborn. He went on getting hit after hit but remained closed. And I think the master would not have stopped at sixty. At sixty, by chance, the disciple must have decided, “Now it is better to open. Why torture this old man?”

He relaxed and opened, and the hitting stopped.

The hitting is just a device. It is neutral; it has nothing to do with truth or untruth.

And this kind of device is used only for the most prominent disciples. Other disciples feel jealous. They say, “Somebody got sixty hits - so much love. The master will not leave him closed - whatever happens.”

And there are a thousand and one devices. Every master creates his own devices. The only question is to somehow throw ice-cold water in your eyes so that you open your eyes. You may be angry, you may be annoyed: “You are disturbing my morning sleep!” But you have asked for it. The day you asked for initiation, you have agreed that whatever the master wants to do is okay to bring you closer to yourself.

This category is secondary, but as far as the number of buddhas is concerned, this category is more important. More people have become buddhas because of the second category.

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