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Chapter 10: Become More and More Sensuous

Listening to Mozart you may fall asleep, but listening to jazz music you start jumping, shouting, screaming. Jazz is simply crazy! It is not music. These Beatles are really beetles, not human beings, but they appeal to you. To understand the classical music of the East you will need very sensuous ears, very trained, disciplined; the music is so subtle. The same is true about all your five senses.

Five senses are the accepted number of senses around the world, although we should change it now because there is a sixth sense hidden in your ears. But old habits die hard. And that sixth sense is far more important than any other; that’s why it has been kept hidden in your ears, so nothing can disturb it. That is the sense of balance.

When you drink too much, that sense gets affected; you cannot walk in a straight line, you wobble. Above all, don’t wobble! When you are hit on your head, and you see the whole world moving around you, and you fall, that sense of balance has been hit.

If all your six senses are functioning, ready to be receptive, you will have a rich life.

When I say I am a rich man’s guru, I don’t mean that Rockefeller, Ford, Morgan, and the Kennedys are my disciples. When I say I am a rich man’s guru, I mean real riches. Dollars are bogus! What richness is there? Richness comes through your senses.

I want you to become more and more sensuous.

That’s why you feel a difference when you hug somebody here, because the person who is hugging you is absolutely open, vulnerable, available to you; you are open, vulnerable, available to the other person. And when these two vulnerabilities, two opennesses, two skies full of stars meet together, for a moment you are not two; you become one. Your circumferences overlap each other. You feel life throbbing within you with a double force. Nobody is a loser, both are gainers, because both feel the same way - life doubled.

In my commune hugging is a way of becoming rich. It is a way of understanding life.

It is a way that leads ultimately to the goal of love, and there is no other God than love.

I contradict Jesus. He says, “God is love.” He has misunderstood. No, I say to you, “Love is God,” When you say God is love, it means love is only an attribute of God, and there may be thousands of other attributes. When I say love is God, I have really finished God completely: only love is.

My communes are universities to learn the ways of a rich life, of love, beauty, warmth, compassion, humanity.

We are not gathered here in search of some dodo God who always sits on the roof - I don’t know why; can’t he come down a little bit so people can see him? If you go on the roof, he disappears from there. He has been disappearing constantly. First, he used to live on the peaks of mountains. Then man reached there, and found nobody. God has moved his luggage to the moon, because the silly priests could not think that sooner or later man is going to reach to the moon.

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