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Chapter 6: Strive to No Goals

This is beautiful. He says: .do not dislike even the world of senses and ideas.

There are two types of people. One type goes on fighting with the senses: how to kill the body, how not to enjoy through the body, not to fall in love, not to eat with taste. They go on fighting with their senses, they become great ascetics. Basically they are masochists, they enjoy crippling themselves. But society pays them respect, and the respect becomes an allurement.

They are thought to be great men because they are not concerned with the senses. And they cannot be great, because the senses are the doors to meet the infinite that surrounds you. The senses are the doors; from those doors the infinite enters you and you enter the infinite.

They go on closing their doors. Then their houses, their bodies, become prisons, and they suffer. And the more they suffer, the more they are respected and worshipped because people think they have done something miraculous, they have gone beyond the body.

There is no need to go beyond the body. The only thing is: the body should function rightly, perfectly. It is an art, it is not austerity. It is not an austerity; you are not to fight with it, you are simply to understand it. And the body is so wise, wiser than your mind, remember, because the body has existed longer than the mind. The mind is a very new arrival, just a child.

The body is very ancient, very, very ancient -because you moved once as a rock; the body was there, the mind was fast asleep. Then you became a tree; the body was there, with all its greenery and flowers. The mind was fast asleep still, not so asleep as in the rock but still asleep. You became an animal, a tiger; the body was so alive with energy, but the mind was not functioning. You became a bird, you became a man. The body has been functioning for millions of years.

The body has accumulated much wisdom, the body is very wise. So if you eat too much the body says, “Stop!” The mind is not so wise. The mind says, “The taste is beautiful - a little more.” And if you listen to the mind, then the mind becomes destructive to the body, this way or that. If you listen to the mind, first it will say “Go on eating,” because mind is foolish, a child. He does not know what he is saying. He is a new arrival, he has no learning in him. He is not wise, he is yet a fool. Listen to the body. When the body says, “Hungry,” eat. When the body says, “Stop,” stop.

If you listen to the mind, it is as if a small child is leading an old man - they both will fall in a pit. And if you listen to the mind then first you will be too much in the senses, and then you will get fed up. And every sense will bring you misery, and every sense will bring you more anxiety, conflict, pain.