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Chapter 22: Man Has Suffered Enough

He can become more independent, he can become more loving - all ugly things like jealousy, anger, hatred can be removed completely. Competition, ambition, he will never know. And all the energy that goes into jealousy, anger, hatred, competition, ambition, can be focused towards a certain talent. That talent also can be discovered in hypnosis; otherwise it is very difficult - almost impossible - to find out what talent a child has, what genius he has. We know only when a person has expressed his genius. We do not know millions of others who have died without expressing themselves, because they had no opportunity, no situation supporting them, and every kind of hindrance. And they themselves had no idea what was their destiny, what they were meant to be.

Hypnosis can discover first what the child is meant to be, and then redirect the energies from all wrong sources towards the creative talent. So on the one hand, wrong expressions, ugly expressions disappear, which create only misery and poison for the child and for others, and on the other hand, all that energy becomes his creative expression.

And one thing should be remembered as a fundamental rule: if a person finds a way to express himself, in tune with his destiny, he will be always joyous. He will be bubbling with happiness. He has found the right path, but again I would like you to remember, it cannot be done with the masses.

These methods should be kept confined to the world of sannyasins, so we can show to the world, “You can see our children, and you can see your children, and you can see the difference.”

Seventy percent of diseases are mind-oriented. Through hypnosis those diseases can be prevented before they occur. Through hypnosis it can be found out what kind of sickness is going to happen in the near future. There are no symptoms on the body, the routine physical examination of the person will not show any indication that he is going to be sick or ill, he is perfectly healthy.

But through hypnosis we can find that within three weeks he is going to fall sick, because before anything comes to the body, it comes from the deep cosmic unconscious. It travels from there to the collective unconscious, to the unconscious, and only then, when it comes to the conscious mind, can it be checked and found in the body.

Sicknesses can be prevented even before the person has any idea that he is going to be sick.

In Russia, one genius photographer, Kirlian, has even photographed people.. His whole life he has been working in photography, with very sensitive plates, sensitive lenses, to find something which is not available to ordinary eyes and ordinary instruments. And he was puzzled that he can see in his photographs at least six months ahead.

If he takes a picture of a rosebud with his special sensitive plates, the picture is not of a rosebud, the picture is of a rose. Tomorrow it is going to be a rose. No other camera can do that miracle.

First he himself was puzzled how the sensitive plate can take a picture of something which has not happened yet - and when tomorrow the bud opens up, it is exactly similar to the photograph, there is no difference at all.

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