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Chapter 5: Man Is a Myth

What do I mean when I say man is a machine? I mean that man lives out of the past. Man lives out of a dead structure, man lives out of habit, man lives a life of routine. Man goes on moving in the same circle, in the same rut, again and again and again. Can’t you see the vicious circle in your life? The same things you have been doing every day: hoping, being angry, desiring, being ambitious, being sensual, sexual, being frustrated, again hoping.again the whole circle moves.. Each hope leads to a frustration, never is it otherwise; and after each frustration, a new hope, and the circle starts moving.

In the East we call it the wheel of samsara. It is a wheel, the spokes are the same. And you are deluded by it again and again, you again start hoping. And you know you have hoped before, you have hoped millions of times, and nothing happens out of that hope. Just the wheel goes on moving, and goes on killing you, goes on destroying your life. Time is running out of your hands. Each moment that is lost is lost forever, and you go on repeating the old.

This is what I mean when I say man is a machine. I agree with George Gurdjieff absolutely; he used to say that you don’t yet have a soul. He was the first man to say it so drastically, that you don’t yet have a soul. Yes, the soul can be born in you, but you will have to give birth to it; you will have to become capable of giving birth to it.

Down the centuries the priests have told you that you have already that soul, that you are already that man. That is not so; you are only potentially so. You can become actually too, but the myth has to be destroyed. See the fact of it: you are not a conscious being; and if you are not a conscious being, how can you be a man?

What is the difference between a rock and you? What is the difference between an animal and you? What is the difference between a tree and you? The difference is that of consciousness. But how much consciousness do you have?.just a flicker here and there. Just sometimes, in rare moments, you become conscious; and that is only for seconds and again you fall back into unconsciousness. Yes, sometimes it happens, because it is your potentiality.

Sometimes it happens in spite of you.one day the sun is rising and you fall into tune with existence - and suddenly it is there: the beauty of it, the benediction of it, the fragrance of it, the light of it. Suddenly it is there and you have a taste of what it would be, what it can be, what it is. But the moment you become alert that it is there, it is already gone. Only a memory is left. Only for rare moments: sometimes in love, sometimes watching a full moon, sometimes a rising sun, sometimes sitting in a silent mountain cave, sometimes looking at a child playing, giggling; yes, sometimes in music.. But these moments are rare.

If an ordinary man, the so-called man, achieves seven moments of awareness in his whole life, that will be too much. Rarely, very rarely, just a ray enters, and then it is gone. And you are back to your trivial life, dull and dead. And this is not so only with ordinary people, it is so with your so-called extraordinary people.

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