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Chapter 12: Of the Apostates

He who is of my sort will also encounter experiences of my sort, so that his first companions must be corpses and buffoons.

First he is saying, “Whoever is of my sort, whoever has a clarity of consciousness exactly the same as I have is bound to have the same kind of experiences.” That can be predicted, because your experiences depend on the quality of your consciousness. The higher your consciousness is, the more blissful, more peaceful, more joyous experiences start blossoming in you.

At the highest peak a Gautam Buddha, or a Mahavira, or a Zarathustra are no longer three persons. Because three silences cannot remain separate, three ecstasies cannot remain separate - three zeros are bound to become one zero.

It has to be understood, that things which make you separate are always painful. There is no way to participate with you in your migraine, in your anxieties, in your anguishes. Misery makes people separate; blissfulness brings them close. And as they reach to the purest form, the highest peak, they are no longer separate beings but one heart, one love, one joy, one ecstasy. In the ultimate we are one. Only in hell are we many. The more you feel yourself separate from others, the more you are living a life of misery, suffering - a life which is not worth calling a life.

Looking at the earth you will find so many separations, so many discriminations. Looked at deeply, they are not accidental. So many nations, so many religions, so many sects, cults, and creeds only point to one truth: that man has fallen so low in the dark abysses of existence that he cannot make any connections, any bridges with anyone.

It is one of the most surprising facts, that at the lowest you are lonely, because you cannot make bridges around you. You have forgotten the language of love, you have forgotten how to communicate, how to relate. You are lonely in the darkness - just tears of agony and a cry of tremendous pain.

On the highest peak of blissfulness, again you are alone, but not lonely. You are alone, because at that peak whoever reaches it merges into one orgasmic experience, into one oceanic experience - just as rivers go on merging into the ocean. They may be coming through different paths, from different mountains, from different lakes, passing different territories, but in the ocean they suddenly lose all their boundaries. They become as free as the ocean is.

Gautam Buddha is reported to have said, “Taste the ocean from anywhere and you will find the same taste.” It does not matter from where you have tasted the ocean. At the highest peak again one becomes alone. But this aloneness is a togetherness, this aloneness is a tremendous merger. With all those who have arrived there is a melting, you cannot keep yourself separate.

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