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Chapter 4: All Who Hear It Lose Themselves

Nothing is wrong! It is as it should be. That’s what I would like it to be - exactly, precisely. This is what I am trying to teach you: don’t be serious about holiness. Be playful, take it as a fun. It is the greatest fun there is - but it is fun. Once you become serious, you will become a victim of some church or some priest. Once you become serious you are already ill.

When you are near me, flow with me, be with me. When you go to the river, swim with the river; but there is no need to swim in the market. Then you will look ridiculous. In the marketplace move into the market, become part of the market. Retain the capacity of fluidity. Don’t gather a character, a rigid structure around you. Remain capable of moving from one polarity to another; that is what life is. Don’t get frozen. There is no dichotomy.

This is the beauty of life, that it comprehends the opposites. While you are with me be with me, enjoy this search. At home, sipping your tea, or smoking, enjoy the tea, enjoy smoking. Nothing is unholy in it. In fact, the definition of holy is: to be whole. And to be whole means to comprehend the contradictions. Don’t be just the day, be the night also. Don’t be just the light, be the darkness also, because darkness has its own beauties; you will miss them. And you will only be a half-person if you don’t have any night in you where you can go and relax. If you are simply serious, then you will remain in the head, hung-up. But if you can become non-serious also, then you can move into the heart.

The heart is a non-serious playfulness. The head is very serious. You should remain capable of flowing. That capacity to flow is to be religious. When you go into the temple, you become a part of the temple; when you go to the world, you become part of the world. But wherever you are, you are always capable of moving into the opposite. If you cannot do that then you become a dead thing. Only a dead thing cannot move to the opposite. A dead thing is a fixed character.

I have heard: A great Zen master died, and another Zen master who had always been the opposite polarity to this master, went to follow the dead body to the cemetery. There were thousands of people in the funeral procession. The man who had always remained the enemy of the master was there. Somebody asked, “Why have you come? You were always antagonistic to him.” The man laughed. He said, “It was part of being holy - I was the opposite of him, and he was my opposite. Between us two, we were creating life. People were moving from him to me, from me to him, and between us there was a conspiracy: we were creating life. Structured, frozen people.we were melting them. Now I will miss him tremendously.” And later on when he saw so many people, thousands following, he said, “This is really wonderful! In the wake of one living person, so many dead people are going!”

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