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Chapter 4: Laugh and Drop the Past

Because of all these other names, you have forgotten completely that your humanness is covered by your Germanness. If somebody says anything against humanity, I don’t think anybody will object. You will say, “What have I to do with it? Let humanity object, I am German. I am Italian - let him say anything about Italians and I will show him.” Your humanity is covered like a mirror is covered by dust, and the dust has become more valuable than the mirror itself.

My basic approach to human problems is not to take them seriously, because once you take them seriously, you yourself become part of a problem. Watch and witness all the problems of humanity with a sense of innocence, aloofness. Perhaps then you can do justice; perhaps then you can create a better humanity, more loving, more joyous.

It is a small planet. The first astronaut who went beyond the boundary of the earth’s atmosphere.the earth’s atmosphere extends for about two hundred miles. And when he saw the earth from that standpoint, he laughed at the stupidity - such a small and beautiful and luminous planet, and he could not see any lines, which we are forcing every child to learn: This is Pakistan; you cannot cross this line without the permission of those political criminals who have imposed themselves on a certain territory.

There are no lines anywhere. All maps should be burned. No school, no college, no university should have any map. There is no need of any lines. Man should demand the simple right of movement, freedom of movement. If one wants to go to live in the Himalayas, it is perfectly beautiful. Why should others be worried?

After a world tour, I wanted to make a commune in the Himalayas, and the Himachal government became worried. I became for the first time aware that even in India.I cannot purchase land within India, because I am not a citizen of that state. I was informed by the Himachal government that, “Unless you are a permanent resident of Himachal, you cannot purchase land.”

I said, “Then what is the difference? That’s why twenty-one countries refused or deported me, because I was not a permanent resident.” In my own country, I cannot purchase a house in Kashmir or in Himachal or in Assam because those states don’t want anybody else to enter their territory.

It is a strange thing: the day I came back to Pune, just within two hours.I was asleep, and the police entered the ashram and served me a notice to leave Pune immediately. I said, “At least let me rest - in the morning, we can settle matters. Moreover, I have been living in Pune. At least you cannot deport me from Pune, I have the property in Pune already. And on what grounds do you want me to leave Pune?”

The grounds were the same all over the world: that my presence can be dangerous, can corrupt the young generation’s morality. Now, two years have passed and I have not corrupted a single Pune-ite. I don’t go into that dirty city. For corruption, at least I have to move outside of my gate! But if somebody wants to be corrupted, he can come here. He is welcome. Now, what can I do? If you want to be corrupted and you come from faraway lands to be corrupted, I say, “Okay, let us corrupt.”

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