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Chapter 16: Having a Lovely Time - But Why?

If all the crimes that have been committed in the world are counted, then you will be surprised that all the religions are the fundamental causes of those crimes. They teach love and they practice hate. They teach oneness and they practice discrimination. The religious history of man is so mean, so ugly, that to be part of any religion is to prove that you are retarded, that you don’t know what these religions have done.

Old Sam Finkelstein arrives from Russia to visit his relatives in America. On his way to Texas he sits down in a train between two rednecks. He nods in a friendly way but the rednecks sit in stony silence.

Old Sam notices an American newspaper lying on the seat and picks it up. Having taken classes in English for the past few months, he is able to read most of the page, but all of a sudden he turns to the redneck on his right and says in a thick Russian accent, “You look like an intelligent man. Would you be kind enough to tell me what this word is?”

The redneck winks at his friend and without looking at the paper says, “That word is syphilis.”

Old Sam thanks him and reads on. A few minutes later he turns to the other redneck and says, “You are obviously a man of education. Would you kindly tell me what this word is?”

The redneck smirks, winks at his friend and ignoring the newspaper says, “That word is gonorrhea.”

“Syphilis and gonorrhea?” cries old Sam. “Ah, my God - that poor Ronald Reagan!”

Don’t take any problem, any question seriously. Your taking them seriously makes them important and forces you to find the solution. Whenever a question arises in you, just be silent and watch the arising of the question. Watch how it becomes more condensed, watch how it becomes more clear - but go on watching. And you will be surprised that just as you are simply watching and not getting involved, it starts evaporating. Soon there is tremendous silence left behind it, and this silence is the answer!

But what do people do? A question arises in their minds - and there are thousands of questions; you will need millions of lives to find the answers for all of them. Still you will remain ignorant, knowledgeably ignorant. And because of the question you start asking others.perhaps somebody else knows the answer - that makes you a beggar. The knowledge that you get from others is borrowed; it is not going to help you at all.

One thing and only one thing helps.

Watch the question and don’t be dragged by it in any direction.

Be silent and see the whole question and what happens to it. It comes and it goes; no question remains there. It is just like a signature on water: you have not even made your full signature, and it has started to disappear.

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