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Chapter 44: Session 44

The Jew god really did a great job. Of course he was a good Jew, and he created the world in only six days. This whole mess is what Albert Einstein, another Jew, calls “the expanding universe.” It is expanding every second, becoming bigger and bigger, like a pregnant woman’s belly, and of course faster than that. It is expanding at the same speed as light and that is the greatest speed yet conceived.

Perhaps someday we may discover more speedy things, but right now it still remains the highest as far as speed is concerned. The world is expanding with the speed of light, and it has been expanding forever. There is no beginning and no end, at least in the scientific approach.

But the Christians say it not only began, but was finished within six days. And of course Jews are there, and the Mohammedans are there, and they are all branches of the same nonsense. Perhaps just one idiot created the possibility for all three religions. Don’t ask me his name; idiots, particularly perfect ones, don’t have names, so nobody knows who created the idea of creating the world in six days. At the most it is just worth laughing at. But listen to a Christian priest or a rabbi, and see the seriousness with which they are talking about the genesis, the very beginning.

I was wondering only because I cannot even finish my story in six days. I’m only on the second day, and that too because I have left so much unsaid, thinking that it is not important, but who knows? - it may be. But if I start saying everything without choosing, then what about poor Devageet?

I can see that he will have so many notebooks he will go crazy looking at them. It will be as if he is standing by the side of the Empire State Building in New York looking at his own notebooks thinking, “Now who is going to read them?” And then I think of Devaraj who has to edit them. Whether anybody reads them or not, at least you will have one reader, that is Devaraj. Another, that is Ashu; she has to type them.

In the story of God’s creation, there is no editor, no typist. He just created it in six days, and was so finished that nothing has been heard of him since then. What happened to him? Some think he has gone to Florida, where every retired person goes. Some think he is enjoying himself at Miami Beach.but this is all guesswork.

God does not exist at all. That’s why existence is possible, otherwise he would have poked his nose in - and a Jewish nose is meant for that. Rather than thinking of God, it is better to forget him, and forgive him also; it is time. It may sound a little strange, to forget and forgive God, but only then do you begin: his death is your birth.

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