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Chapter 22: The Distillation of Rebellious Spirits

Create that distance between you and personality.

You have come so close that you cannot see the separation. Once you have understood that you are somebody other than your personality. You have been thinking up to now that you were somebody else: You are A, and you have been thinking up to now that you are B. That fallacy is bound to be afraid, that fallacy cannot be in love - there is no possibility.

That’s why lovers are constantly in conflict. It is not their individualities conflicting, it is their personalities in conflict. Both want the other to melt, and both are afraid that if they melt they are lost, they are gone.

Friendship has disappeared from the world just as love has disappeared, because friendship is possible only when you meet naked, as you are - not as people want you to be, not as you should be, but simply just as you are. When two persons open up to each other just as they are, friendship grows.

When two persons are ready to drop their masks, they have taken a tremendous step towards religiousness. So love, friendship, anything that helps you to drop the mask, is taking you towards religion.

But the pseudo-religions have done just the opposite. They are against love. You can understand now, why they are against love: because love will destroy the personality, and the pseudo-religion depends on your personality. The pseudo-religions have made a great effort - all these churches and priests and sermons - and what are they doing? Their whole work is to create the personality. They manufacture personality - of course, different kinds of personality: a Hindu personality, a Christian personality, a Mohammedan personality. These are different models of personalities. All these religions are just like factories creating different models of cars, but the function is the same.

The pseudo-religions are all afraid of love. They talk about love, and they teach you marriage. They talk about love and they say marriages are made in heaven. It is not something that you have to find out; God has already found the person for you. The astrologer will help you, the palmist will help you, the priest will help you, the parents will help you to find them - because God has already created the person for you, you are not to find the person on your own.

They prevent you from loving, and they go on saying great things about love. But their great words about love are bogus; they have no substance in them.

Jesus says, “God is love.” There is no God - then what about love? So as far as Jesus’ love is concerned, there is no love. If God is love, then with God’s disappearance love also disappears.

And to make God synonymous with love is a beautiful strategy. He has raised love to such a high pedestal - do you think it can happen between a man and a woman? God is going to happen when you fall in love? That is sin!

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