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Chapter 5: The Truth Is What Works

If you insist on your ancient heritage, you are driving the country not towards the twenty-first century, but towards its graveyard.

He has also insisted in his statement that we should continue our morality, our religion.

What morality?

Just for instance.India has called one of its heroes, Yudhishthira, dharmaraj, the king of religion. He gambled his whole kingdom, and not only the kingdom, he gambled his own wife, and lost everything; and still he is thought to be the king of religion and morality. A gambler, gambling his own wife just like any commodity!

People think - and perhaps Rajiv Gandhi believes in those people - that India was very moral in the past. This is absolutely absurd. All Hindu scriptures, all Buddhist scriptures, all Jaina scriptures, continuously teach people, “Don’t steal, don’t commit adultery, don’t murder people.” To whom were these statements addressed?

If India had been moral there would not have been so many thieves that Buddha had to continue insisting for forty-two years, every day, morning and evening, “Be moral.” That indicates that the country was not moral; otherwise Buddha would have been thought insane. You don’t talk to moral people about morality. You don’t talk to people of that which they already have, you talk only about things which they don’t have.

And it is not only Buddha; Mahavira was doing the same.

And all the religions that have arisen on this sub-continent were continually giving sermons to people; those sermons give the real history of the country. People were thieves, people were murderers, people were suicidal, people were rapists - all kinds of crimes were committed. Otherwise, all the scriptures would become absolutely meaningless.

So what is your heritage?

Do you want to continue all this?

And where will you land up? Just on the spinning wheel? That can help the country to enter into the twenty-first century? It will help the country to fall back into the first century! And the bullock cart? Is this acceptable technology for spiritual people?

My own understanding is that spirituality is the highest value, your highest need. When you have fulfilled your material needs, suddenly a great understanding arises in you that, “These needs are fulfilled but I remain in discontent and despair. My inner world is empty, unfulfilled.”

My insistence is that materialism should become the stepping-stone for spirituality. There is no other scientific way of thinking.

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