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Chapter 19: Natural Sex

It is not only you; your ancient girlfriend has also written to me. Her name is Prem Premal. She says:

Is it possible that sex has dropped me and I did not realize it?

It seems it is very hard for the Western conditioning to realize the disappearance of sex with joy and as a blessing from the beyond, because they only believe in the material body. So then sex becomes the only possibility of having any moments of orgasmic joy - if you are fortunate enough, which millions are not. Only once in a while somebody will get a little glimpse of orgasmic joy. Your conditioning prohibits it.

In the East, if sex drops by itself it is a celebration. We have taken life in a totally different way: we have not made it synonymous with sex. On the contrary, while sex continues you are not mature. When sex drops a great maturity and centering comes to you, and a true celibacy, an authentic brahmacharya. And now because you are free from the chains of biology, which are the only chains that are making you a prisoner of blind forces, you open your eyes and you can see the beauty of the whole of existence. You will laugh in your days of celibacy about your own stupidity: that you once thought that is all that life has to offer.

I have heard about an old drunkard who was sitting early in the morning on the sea beach, and he saw a young man doing push-ups. The drunkard could not believe it. He went around the young man; he looked from this side, he looked from that side.

Finally he could not contain his curiosity, and he said, “My poor boy. Why are you unnecessarily perspiring and doing these push-ups? Your girlfriend is not here” - because he knew only the push-ups which people go on doing in the name of love.

Sarjano and Premal, it is perfectly okay, not just okay, that sex is disappearing. As sex disappears you will find authentic love growing in you. Sex is not love: it is just a fallacy, a blindness. You are tricked by biology into believing that this is love. But once sex has disappeared your whole life energy is redeemed from its animal past. And just as sex was reproducing more and more children, sex-freed energy starts giving you every moment a new birth. Your whole life becomes fresh, growing in a new direction.

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