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Chapter 12: Beyond the Mind to the Source

Any point in the body can be made an object of centering. For example, Tantra uses the sex center for centering. Tantra works with bringing your consciousness to it totally. The sex center will do.

Taoists have used the big toe as the center. Move your consciousness down to the big toe; remain there, forget the whole body. Let your whole consciousness go to the toe. That will do, because really, on what you are centering is irrelevant. You are centering - that is what is basic. The thing happens because of centering, not because of the center - remember this. The center is not significant, centering is significant.

So do not be puzzled, because in so many methods, in one hundred and twelve methods, many centers will be used. Do not become puzzled over which center is more important or which is real, any center will do. You can choose according to your own liking.

If your mind is very sexual, it is good to choose the sex center. Use it, because your consciousness is naturally flowing toward it - then it is better to choose it. But it has become difficult to choose the sex center. That is one of the most natural centers; your consciousness is attracted toward it biologically. Why not use this biological force toward inner transformation? Make it the point of your centering.

But social conditioning, sexually repressive teachings, moralizing, they have done a deep harm. You are disjoined from your sex center. Really, our image of our real selves excludes the sex center. Imagine your body: you will leave your sex organs out of it; that is why many people feel as if their sex organs are something different from them, that they are not part of them. This is why there is so much hiding, so much becoming unconscious.

If someone should come from space, from some other planet, and he should see you, he will not be able to conceive that you have any sex center. If he should listen to your talk, he will not be able to understand that there exists anything like sex. If he moves in your society, in the formal world, he will not know that anything like sex is happening.

We have created a division. A barrier is there, and we have cut off the sex center from ourselves. Really, because of sex we have divided the body into two. The upper means “higher” in our minds and the lower means “lower” - it is condemned. So “lower” is not just some information about the location of the bottom half, it is an evaluation also. You yourself do not think that the lower body is you.

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