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Chapter 5: The Diamond beyond Sex

A man buys manure, dirty and foul-smelling in itself, and piles it up on the street in front of his house. This will make it difficult for anyone to even pass by because of so much stink around. But another man spreads the same manure on his garden and sows seeds. Those seeds sprout and become plants and the plants bring flowers and their fragrance spreads all around in the neighborhood so invitingly. Passers-by are enchanted by it. The plants themselves experience the swaying music of it all. You have probably never thought about it, but it is the same foul smell of the manure that has become the fragrance in the flower. Passing through the seed and the plant, the stench of manure becomes the fragrance of the flower. A foul smell can be transformed into a sweet fragrance; sex energy can become love.

But how can one who turns against sex energy ever transform it into love? How can he who turns inimical to sex ever be able to sublimate this energy? Hence it is necessary to understand sex, I said there, and it is necessary to transform sex energy.

I thought that those who had been able to nod affirmation and appreciation over the idea of burning their houses would be happy to hear some plain talk. But I was mistaken.

When I ended my talk and came down the dais that day, I was surprised to see that all the leaders and public figures, all the friends who had organized the meeting and had been on the dais, had vanished. I did not see one of them when I walked down the aisle to leave. Probably they had rushed home in case their houses were on fire. They must have rushed home to make arrangements for putting the fire out in case the houses did catch fire.

Not a single organizer was present to even thank me. All the white capped ones, all the khadi-clad people, the leaders, were missing from the dais; they had already fled. Leaders are a very weak species. They run away before their followers do.

But some courageous people did certainly come up on the dais - some girls, some boys, some old, some young. They all said, “You have told us things no one ever did before. You have opened our eyes, we feel illuminated.” I thought it would be right to elaborate on this subject more thoroughly and fully. Hence I chose this subject here. One of the reasons for completing in these four days the story that had remained incomplete in that meeting was that people had asked me to. And this request was made by those people who heartily make efforts to understand life. They wanted me to say the whole thing. So this was one reason.

And the second reason was that those who had run away from the dais had begun to spread the propaganda that I had said such profane things that religion was sure to be destroyed, that I had said things that would make people irreligious! And so I felt their propaganda deserved a practical clarification, so that they come to realize that people do not become irreligious by gaining an understanding of sex. On the contrary, people are irreligious because they haven’t understood sex up to now.

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