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Chapter 22: Closer to Life

You need not be worried about music. Music is not in the same category as sex - although in the West the modern music has fallen so low that it has come very close to the category of sex. In the West only that music which provokes sexuality in you is appreciated. Sex is the lowest point of your life energy, and if music is used to provoke sexuality, then naturally it has to fall to the same category.

Super-consciousness is the highest point of your life energy. When music reaches super-consciousness, it provokes unknown territories within you, unexplored skies. It can become a door to the divine. Just as it can become a door to the animal at the lowest, at the highest it can become the door to the divine.

Man is only a bridge to be passed. Man is only a bridge between the animal and the divine. You should not make your house on the bridge. Bridges are not for making houses on. You have to pass on, from this shore to that further shore.

Your fear that perhaps music is going to be the next to be dropped comes from your Western conditioning - because in the West only music which is sexual is appreciated. The West has completely forgotten its own great musicians who have almost touched the super-conscious. But even the greatest musicians in the West could not go beyond life energies. They could not reach to the cosmic energies.

I am reminded of two stories - both historical, both factual. One is about a man who wanted the emperor of China to declare him the greatest archer of the empire. Certainly he was, and the emperor was absolutely willing to send a message around the empire: “If there is anybody who thinks of being a competitor, he should reach to the capital by a certain date. If nobody comes, then this man is going to be declared the greatest archer in the whole empire.”

Just then his old servant who was not just a servant.because the emperor’s father had died when he was just a child and the father, before dying, gave the child to his very devoted servant and told him, “Now you take care of him. It is your responsibility to see that the empire is not taken over by anybody thinking that now only a child is left. As soon as he is of age, immediately declare him to be crowned as emperor.”

The servant had served so well, so wisely, so cleverly, that he had saved the empire for the child for almost fifteen years. So he was not just a servant, he was almost a stepfather, and the emperor had great respect for him. That old man said to the emperor, “Wait! This man is a good technician as far as archery is concerned - I have seen him working - but he does not know what ultimate archery is. He is a good technician; his targets are never missed - one hundred percent perfect.”

The emperor said, “If he never misses the target, if his archery is one hundred percent perfect, then why are you telling me that he is not a great archer?”

The old man said, “I know an archer and I can compare. You don’t know.. In the high mountains there lives an old man, older than me. Nobody knows how old he is. He himself has never bothered to count his years, but certainly he must be more than a hundred years old. And I have seen what archery can be at the highest.

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