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Chapter 14: Each Step Needs Different Kind of People

What brought it on now? Was it purely Sheela or have you decided the time has come to start dismantling the.?

No, the time has come. People are mature enough. They have lived with me for fifteen years, ten years, and they are mature enough. They don’t need baby clothes. They are big enough.

Why this week are they big enough? Why wasn’t it a month ago or six months ago? What’s prompted this?

Any time you would have asked the same question.

Your concern about AIDS, Osho. How did Sheela and you get so out of step on the AIDS question if she was the only person you were consulting with each day for three years?

She was obsessed with sex because she was raped very early in her life. Perhaps she was fifteen or sixteen. And then she became pregnant. And the man who raped her was the closest friend of his father, whom she respected just as his father.

That created a certain wound that has not healed. She is against men as such.

And she is obsessed with sex because of that rape has never allowed her to have any orgasm. She simply shrinks rather than opening to the experience of orgasm. While making love she simply shrinks, becomes tight. Naturally, in that tense state you can’t have orgasm.

She has changed many husbands, thinking perhaps somebody else will be able to give her the orgasmic feeling. She had had many boyfriends.

Were you one of them?


When you say she is obsessed with sex, there are some people who look at your commune and would say the same thing about yourself and your followers.